The Advisor's View of Long-Term Care Planning

Steven M. Cain, CLTC®, Director Sales & Business Development Leader

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5 Reasons not to HATE Traditional LTC Insurance

Recently I had the privilege of attending an annual meeting of a large financial services firm (independent broker-dealer) and speaking on an insurance panel. The panel included financial advisors...
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5 takeaways from the 16th annual Intercompany LTC Insurance conference

A couple weeks ago, several people from LTCI Partners attended the LTC Insurance industry's largest conference.  Our team members presented and moderated sessions, in addition to having in-depth...
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A two-step approach to the long-term care discussion

November was Long-Term Care Awareness Month. Many of us spent time each day looking for new ways to get Americans to consider planning for this inevitable need. We talked about the likelihood of...
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What's one of the toughest jobs around? The pay stinks too!

It's CAREGIVING for a loved one.  I'm not sharing this just because we're in the last few days of LTC Awareness Month.  I'm writing about this because the issue of long-term care is real, it's...
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ABCs of LTCI using HSAs

Image source: Flickr user 401(k) 2012 ABC = c’mon, it’s the alphabet! LTCI = Long-Term Care Insurance HSA = Health Savings Account According to AHIP Health Savings Account Census, over 17.4 million...
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