What to do when a couple applies for LTC coverage and one is declined

Posted by LTCI Partners on Mar 22, 2017 1:50:36 PM


For a lot of people there is nothing more romantic than seeing an elderly couple celebrating a long-term anniversary or holding hands in a park on a beautiful day.

A majority of LTC Insurance is purchased by couples, and the average age of purchase is about 60 years old. These couples have typically been together for a long period of time and are planning on taking care of each other until death to them part.

Some of those couples decide that buying LTC Insurance, either of the standalone or linked variety, would be a wise decision and one that comes from a place of true caring. So when after applying one spouse is declined for coverage due to health condition it often creates an emotional reaction in the couple which can lead to irrational decisions.

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How would proposed Medicaid block grants affect LTC Planning?

Posted by Tom Riekse Jr on Feb 3, 2017 3:52:39 PM

With President Trump and a Republican Congress, there is a great chance that Health Care changes will be enacted. And one very possible outcome would be the "block-granting" of Medicaid to states. It's a policy that both the new nominee of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan support. What are the implications of block granting for those needing or planning for long-term care?

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Those who practice giving early become better caregivers later

Posted by LTCI Partners on Nov 29, 2016 12:34:20 PM



At LTCI Partners, we've made planning for LTC our passion.  At the end of LTC Insurance Awareness Month, it is very important to recognize the important role that caregivers play.

There is no more deserving group to celebrate #GivingTuesday than the great caregivers who help out those needing long-term care. Whether they are stressed family members or professionals, it takes a unique mindset and incredible empathy to provide care. The importance of LTC Insurance is that it helps fund the plan for care.

Many of our associates have been or are currently caregivers - which helps them explain issues related to LTC planning better than those without that experience..

However, we also have associates who may not have experience with caregiving. We encourage those associates to find organizations and charities in which they can contribute and try to allow them time to pursue those passions. The benefit to us is that people who practice this type of community outreach develop the skills necessary to communicate the need to plan.

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Why we are saying a big "Thank You" to John Hancock LTC Insurance

Posted by LTCI Partners on Nov 18, 2016 11:24:42 AM


If you haven't heard by now, John Hancock has decided to exit new sales of individual LTC Insurance.  The timing of the announcement,  during LTC Insurance awareness month, was unfortunate. However, the reason for their decision was simple - lack of new sales for their Performance LTC product -  even though it was an innovative, sustainable product with an attractive rate.

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How the election results may impact LTC Insurance

Posted by Tom Riekse Jr on Nov 9, 2016 9:56:54 AM

What will the impact of yesterday's election have on LTC Insurance?   Nobody knows, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try and make some educated guesses.  At the risk of exposing myself to feedback,  here is my opinion on the subject!

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