The Advisor's View of Long-Term Care Planning

What's one of the toughest jobs around? The pay stinks too!

Caregiver.jpegIt's CAREGIVING for a loved one.  I'm not sharing this just because we're in the last few days of LTC Awareness Month.  I'm writing about this because the issue of long-term care is real, it's growing and has been on my mind in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for, but this has been a tough year for the Cain family.

About 6 months ago, my 75 year-old mother had open heart surgery (and complications) and a few days after her discharge from the hospital, my father suffered a massive stroke and passed away. You're never fully prepared emotionally to deal with these things, but we weren't prepared financially and from a healthcare planning perspective either. We were thrust into being caregivers...and it's hard! Mom moved in with us for a few months and we instantly became part of the Sandwich Generation.  You've heard it all before...and everything they say about being a caregiver is true, so I won't bother sharing our challenges.  Here's what I will do -- I'll implore you to talk to loved ones (and clients) about long-term care planning BEFORE something happens. 

The True Cost of a LTC Event

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