LTCI Partners Business Update Page

Updated July 15th, 2020

LTCI Partners is open for business with no interruptions throughout our nations battle with the novel Coronavirus.  All of our associates work remotely from home with the exact same technology they utilize in the office. You can view the contact information for all our associates here. We have a complete business contingency and continuity plan in place.

Currently our Lake Forest office is temporarily closed.  However, we are taking in USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS and other deliveries at an alternate address. That address is:

LTCI Partners, LLC

2433 Highpoint Drive

Lindenhurst, IL  60046


If you are still taking applications using paper and mailing them, we want to remind you of several options that can help avoid mail:

  1. Most Carriers offer E-Applications - so that you can take the application over the phone or internet and submit directly to the insurance carrier.  You'll need to be appointed with the insurance carrier to use these tools.  We've created an e-solutions webpage for more details:
  2. Utilize our Application Partner Service - LTCI Partners provides a complementary application fulfillment service.  Our licensed LTC Insurance experts will complete the application on behalf of the advisor.  What could be easier?  Learn more here.
  3. Have an application?  Upload the application directly to us.  Did you download an application from our forms library?  You can upload it directly to LTCI Partners using this link. Many carriers no longer require cash with the application so underwriting can begin quickly with no mail delay.

Finally, because of potential fluctuations in carrier interest rates you'll want to subscribe to our Planning Tips and Carriers News for Advisors blog - it has important information on product changes including deadlines for submitting applications. Below are key blog posts on carrier changes and updates:

This is a challenging time, especially for our elders who may be in a long-term care residence or at home. This experience underscores the importance of a robust long-term care financing model to provide safe care, including the impact of LTC Insurance.  It is an excellent time to assist people in planning for future care.