We help people and businesses achieve financial security for the long run.

Securian takes a long-term approach to insurance, investment and retirement solutions through our affiliates, including Minnesota Life – a respected presence in the insurance and financial services industry for more than a century.

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Minnesota Life SecureCare is Unique Because It Pays for Formal and Informal Care from Family and Friends.  Most LTC polices prohibit informal care, particularly if the care is provided by a family member.  The Minnesota Life SecureCare policy allows you to use formal care providers (home care agencies or facilities) and informal care providers, including family and friends.  Since informal care providers can be much less costly, you can obtain significantly more care with a lower monthly benefit.  This is very valuable for home care.

Minnesota Life SecureCare Policy Options.  The policy options include: Benefit periods of 2-7 years; Inflation protection of none, 3% simple, 5% simple and 5% compound; Elimination period of 90 days; Residual life insurance benefit (even if you deplete of your LTC benefits) equal to the lesser of 10% of the face amount of insurance or $10,000 and a Return of premium vesting schedule 80% year 1, 84% year 2, 88% year 3, 92% year 4, 96% year 5, 100% year 6+.

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