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401(k) Insurance Can Be Found in Your Employee Benefit Program

An exciting idea is quickly catching on in the Employee Benefits marketplace—promoting "financial wellness." Many employers are now integrating financial wellness programs to complement their benefit plan offerings. These programs educate and empower employees in the areas of budgeting, planning and saving. The goal is to reduce employee stress, improve health and encourage better plan decisions that align with needs, priorities and finances.
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Surviving the Sandwich Generation Without Being Eaten Alive

Have you ever watched a television show starring Mike Rowe (either Discovery Channel’s, “Dirty Jobs” or CNN’s, “Somebody’s Gotta’ Do It”)? This TV personality is shown performing difficult, strange, disgusting or messy occupational duties alongside the typical employees.  We all know that caring for a loved one is not strange or disgusting, but it is VERY difficult and can certainly be messy (emotionally).  As we experience this demographic shift, more and more of us will be called on to help our parents while juggling our childcare responsibilities.  
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The next big trend... Long-term care planning in financial wellness

Many companies today are beginning to feel a sense of responsibility for the financial wellness of their employees, impacting the benefits they offer, according to the latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch Workplace Benefits Report. 
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