The LTC Blueprint is a revolutionary way to showcase and personalize the benefits of long-term care insurance. Instead of having long-term care insurance be purely product driven, the LTC Blueprint allows for you to conceptually see the benefits of long-term care insurance.

There are essentially two options when it comes to long-term care, to self-insure or to buy long-term care insurance. With long-term care costs on the rise, more people are assessing the risk and choosing long-term care insurance to be a viable option. The LTC Blueprint is here to visually show the difference between long-term care insurance and self-insuring to find the best option.

The Layout

The layout of the blueprint sets up for a personalized long-term care discussion. All of the information is specific to the client and will show information including the anticipated inflation for the cost of care, who is buying long-term care insurance, and the percentage of applicants who get denied coverage by age.


Since you know your customer the best the LTC Blueprint allows for you to input all of their personal information.


Based on the current cost of care, anticipated inflation and a future three to five year care event this illustration personalizes how much care will cost your client in the future.

Know the Buyer & Timing

The illustrations below show at what age people are buying long-term care insurance and the percentage of people who get denied in each age bracket. With the age of applicants decreasing it is necessary to understand the client's needs from a long-term care insurance plan. Unfortunately, with age we usually don't get healthier.

Scaling To Size

Since there are two options when it comes to funding long-term care there is a visual comparison to scale the annual investment in long-term care insurance versus self-insuring. This portion also weighs in the considerations for both options to make the right choice.

Tale of the Tape

This illustration depicts a personalized outcome (over 30 years) of an annual investment in long-term care insurance versus self-insuring the same annual investment. This side by side comparison visually will let you see a complete difference between the two.

Double Check

This part is designed for you to stop and consider all aspects (good and bad) of both long-term care insurance and self-insuring.

The Details

The last section of the personalized LTC Blueprint will be to reiterate the positive features of long-term care insurance. Then to actually put your pen to the paper and take note of what your client needs. This way you will be better able to strategize with your client to truly create the best financial plan for their future.

Bringing Out the Tools

A side tool is available to as a reminder about long-term care insurance. This will give you quick bullets of selling points to consider when talking about long-term care insurance versus self-insuring.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

The last step of the LTC Blueprint is to actually use the information you have discussed, shared, and learned from your client. The post-it note is there for you to write the information down and come up with a personalized strategy for your clients long-term care needs.

Please take a few minutes to watch a quick tour presented by LTCI Partners' National Sales Leader, Steve Cain.