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Amazing medical advances will help LTC Insurers

Posted by LTCI Partners | Apr 29, 2014 9:16:00 AM

Recently, someone from our company attended an (unnamed) LTC carrier advisory council meeting. 

Several of the distributors asked questions to a company executive about the attractiveness of LTC insurance, since it is well known carriers have had difficulty making money in the business.  In addition to reasons given such as the need and demographics, the executive mentioned another reason they are optimistic - health breakthroughs that could help make LTC insurance more profitable by reducing claims.

What types of medical breakthroughs will help carriers?  Well, the main one is an Alzheimers cure.  Although no cure for Alzheimers has yet been found, the amount of work being done and money being spent to prevent or treat dementia is huge. 

Other medical advances, such as the ones on diabetes or muscle strengh shown in these recent Wall Street Journal Articles below could also have a significant impact.

 WSJ Article on Elderly Rebuilding Muscle

WSJ Article on Diabetes Treatment

Of course, just because progress is being made on these areas doesn't mean an individual doesn't have to worry about needing care!  People still will get old and sick and need help.  Just maybe not as much.

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