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How long-term care insurance can help families in today's crisis - and tomorrows

The Covid-19 Pandemic is difficult for the world but especially for seniors who are most vulnerable to illness from the virus. It's estimated that more than half of the deaths from Coronavirus have occurred in residents of nursing homes. Some states forced recovering Coronavirus patients to transfer to nursing homes where they may have spread the disease. Nursing homes are facing extreme challenges, including a shortage of funding from Medicaid. States have prudently restricted access of visitors to long-term care and assisted living facilities and have limited group activities.
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Planning for long-term care is more than about money - it can be about mental health

Note:  The following is a recent article from Kaiser Health News  and a video from PBS Newshour.  Often, when men look at long-term care insurance they may joke about how they will end their life  before they end up in a nursing home - but mental health at older ages is a serious problem.  Long-term care insurance can't solve mental health issues, but it can help pay for resources for care and can start a conversation. Lethal Plans: When Seniors Turn To Suicide In Long-Term Care Melissa Bailey, Kaiser Health News and JoNel Aleccia, Kaiser Health News When Larry Anders moved into the Bay at Burlington nursing home in late 2017, he wasn’t supposed to be there long. At 77, the stoic Wisconsin machinist had just endured the death of his wife of 51 years and a grim new diagnosis: throat cancer, stage 4.
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What are the 4 biggest myths about Long-Term Care?

More and more baby boomers are becoming familiar with long-term care as they help take care of aging parents. However, there continue to be a lack of understanding about how much long-term care costs and who pays for it! Here's the facts - with an aging population, a shrinking workforce, and reduced government money for programs that help with care it will be an issue that impacts everyone. Take a look at these four myths of care:
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New! Updated Guide to planning for long-term care

How much does long-term care costs?  Where is it being provided today?  What are the chances I might need it in the future?  What are options in paying for care?  These are some of the most commonly asked questions about planning for long-term care.  Here's a slideshow that answers some of these questions - and more.
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How a labor shortage may impact American's ability to get quality long-term care

  According to the latest unemployment numbers,  the U.S. unemployment is at a low rate of 4.1% and many companies are having a hard time finding workers. This good news for job seekers may have some scary implications for people needing help with care in the future. Much of the labor shortage is for highly skilled workers in fields such as technology and advanced manufacturing. However, the labor shortage also affects so-called "lower skilled" work such as trucking and retail. In fact, many people are worried that this is a long-term trend that could impact future growth opportunities in this country.
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When Nursing Homes Push Out Our Poor and Disabled Patients

  Note:  This is a republished article from Kaiser Health News describing the financial challenges facing Long-term care in America Jocelyn Wiener, Kaiser Health News Anita Willis says the social worker offered her a painful choice: She could either leave the San Jose, Calif., nursing home where she’d spent a month recovering from a stroke — or come up with $336 a day to stay on. She had until midnight to decide.
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LTC 101 - The Basics of LTC Insurance

For someone looking at planning for care, they often become confused about how LTC Insurance works.  The non-profit LIFE foundation, ( have created a simple video and guide to LTC Insurance. Check out the video and the link to the guide below.
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Planning ahead for the future you want

When you sit down and imagine your future, what do you see? Are you enjoying your retirement in a warm weather location or perhaps in your current home close to family and friends? Are you participating in the activities you’ve always enjoyed?
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Protecting your assets with long-term care insurance

Being faced with an unexpected health crisis that requires long-term care can take your financial situation by surprise. Hear the stories of several individuals and couples on their decision to purchase long-term care insurance—to not only provide them with peace of mind about potential health needs, but also to protect their current assets for the future of their family.
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