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What's the Secret?

LTCI_Whats_the_Secret_Group_LTC.jpegWe’re asked all the time – what’s the secret to a successful Voluntary Group Long-Term Care (LTCI) enrollment? With industry average participation rates around three to five percent, how are we consistently outperforming our competitors or outpacing the market? Beyond our experience, there are success factors that show up consistently before and during these enrollments.

Key to Success:

  • Offering coverage to the “right group” – That means saying “NO” sometimes. Group LTCI does not make sense for all employers. We look at the group’s demographics, along with a company’s overall benefits portfolio to determine if it’s a good fit.
  • Timing – As they say, “timing is everything.”That means off-cycle enrollments.
  • Employer support  Are they “connected to the issue”?  We’ve seen a trend in our most successful cases where someone in the C-Suite or in HR is personally connected to the issue of Long-Term Care.
  • 100% employee awareness – this means a customized educational campaign (emails, personalized rate quotes, webinars, meetings, etc.).
  • Employees that are tech-savvy – Face-to-face enrollment is rare in our world. Our best cases are ones where there’s online education and enrollment, backed by call center support (1-on-1’s).
  • High participation in 401(k) – There’s a direct correlation between retirement plan participation and Group LTCI participation. It’s simple – people planning for retirement look at this coverage as a way to help protect their lifestyle and retirement income.

Not every case is a homerun, but these factors listed above are good indicators for Voluntary Group LTCI success.

How We Support Group Enrollments for an Employer

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Written by Trina Brown

Trina Brown is a business development lead for employee and executive long-term care solutions at LTCI Partners, LLC, one of the nation’s largest Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) retail and wholesale brokerage enterprises. Trina graduated from Florida State University, where she received a BS in International Finance. After graduation, Trina remained countryside and accepted a position to launch Capital Administrative Services, Inc. (CAS), a new third party administrator for employee benefits out of Tallahassee, Florida, and served as Executive Director and Board Vice President until 2012. During Trina’s tenure with CAS she procured voluntary benefits for over 110,000 state employees and helped secure CAS as a leader for employee benefits and individual life insurance planning in the State of Florida. Trina’s determination to enhance the awareness for long-term care planning resulted from her dual role where she served as Director of Long-Term Care for Capital’s sales agency and worked in tandem with Capital’s Regional Vice President’s to develop and implement retail product and sales training for agents. Now for over a decade, Trina has had the pleasure of helping brokers, advisors and consumers find a long-term care solution and she understands the challenges in starting a dialogue about this type of planning. Whether serving consumers directly, or supporting professionals who do, Trina is committed to providing LTC awareness and peace of mind so that more Americans have a plan in place to protect their family’s well-being, retirement income and comfortable lifestyle in those “Golden Years.” Trina is a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) and shares the passion to protect the business of insurance and financial services. Trina served as former President Elect of the NAIFA Tallahassee and current First Vice President and Membership Chair for NAIFA Chicago, where she also lives downtown in the River North area.

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