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This is how Long-Term Care affects Gen X right now.


I had an interesting weekend and then ran across this article below today and felt compelled to write something about it.  On Saturday (5/12), I was picking up my 76 year-old Mom to take her to a family BBQ and I pulled up to find her in her driveway on her stomach, moaning in pain! Needless to say, I was freaked-out!  It turns out that she fell and luckily didn’t hit her head, but she was in a lot of pain. I took her straight to urgent care where we found out she fractured her shoulder.  There went our Saturday…and tonight I have to take her shopping and to her follow-up CT scan in the evening.  Long-story-short, it could have been much worse! But I’m a Gen Xer and my wife & I are in this Sandwich Generation (caring for parents & children). What if this happened on a weekday or while I was traveling on business? That’s why caregiver support is this growing & overlooked benefit.


I'm not alone! Read this article from Fast Company about how Gen X makes up the largest portion of managers in the workforce right now, and how a Long-Term Care event for a loved one can affect their career. There are some helpful resources if you find yourself in the sandwich situation.


You may have also heard of Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity - which donates money to families affected by Alzheimer's Disease so that they can pay for caregiving costs. Aside from putting on comedic variety shows to raise money and awareness, they also have various resources such as a Google Hangout group that helps people under 40 navigate the issues their families may be facing. These are great resources that assist in the caregiving space, and I personally have attended a fund-raiser/show - it was hysterical!


So to my fellow Xer's out there: take a deep breath, everything will be okay, and let your fingers do the walking (research these resources online).