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How Caregiving is affecting employers, and why you should care

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You’ve heard these buzzwords (and more) – presenteeism, absenteeism & the Sandwich Generation.  These are not just buzzwords! Unfortunately, they’ll all Long-Term Care related challenges that employers are currently facing.  According to a recent Age Wave & Merrill Lynch study, about 20 Americans became unpaid caregivers last year.  It’s the toughest part-time job anyone can ever have.  So what can brokers do about it?  Not much at the point of care for an employee’s loved one.  But planning years ahead can really help employees and their families.  Group LTC Insurance can help protect employees’ retirement income and lifestyles.  A bona-fide plan can also help families manage a care event, something most people just aren’t prepared to handle.  Some of today’s Group LTC Insurance plans can even provide educational resources & counseling to family members who are not insured. 


Kudos to these companies that are taking action regarding our nation’s caregiving crisis.  It’s time talk about Long-Term Care…and we can help!

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