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Caregiving and the Workplace: Can Group LTC Insurance help?

AdobeStock_111034712.jpegHouston, we have a problem! I won’t bore you with the stats or studies, as you’ve probably seen them all before.  Most of us (including HR professionals & business owners) “get it” or understand America’s shifting demographics. If you’re reading this, you’re likely in the benefits business and that means that you’re looking for innovative ways to help your clients manage rising health care costs and issues that impact them (like absenteeism, retention, productivity, presenteeism, etc.).

Will Group LTC Insurance help? Will offering this coverage lower absenteeism and help increase employee productivity? The honest answer is “maybe.” It’s all anecdotal at this point – there haven't been any studies commissioned looking at Group LTCI ownership and its impact on absenteeism or FLMA claims due to elder care. But when we have bonafide plans in place, our stress level is reduced. When we’re not online all day (while at work) researching home health care agencies or facilities for Mom or Dad, we’re more productive.

We believe Group LTCI provides not only financial protection, but also it provides valuable piece of mind during an employee or loved one's extended health care event. Additionally, all Group LTCI policies include a care advocacy/coordination benefit. This benefit is usually offered to family members of an insured, in addition to the employee or insured.

So, it’s time to give Group LTCI a first look... or a second chance. 

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