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Posted by LTCI Partners | Jul 18, 2014 11:16:00 AM

Each year, Broker World Magazine publishes a survey of LTC Insurance- if you are an advisor it is well worth checking out, as almost every significant LTC carrier participates in the survey and leading actuaries

Highlights (U.S. stand-alone LTCI market):

  • Claims – the industry incurred $7.7 billion in claims in 2012… over $81.2 billion since 1991.  People are getting significant value from policies.
  • Sales – industry sales were down from 2012, although demand is high.  Informal caregiver services were valued at $450 billion per year in 2009 - up from $375 billion in 2007.  In addition, more advisors and their clients are beginning to hedge LTC risk (lower benefits) vs. total risk transfer (higher maximums).
  • Carriers – currently 16 carriers offer stand-alone LTCI solutions (compared to 45 in 2008).  LTCI Partners is aligned with 5/6 top carriers (ranked by annual premium). 
  • Buyer Characteristics

    • Average issue age - 56.8
    • Target market – 74.1% of buyers are betweenage 45-64
    • Average monthly maximum benefit - $4,830
    • Compound inflation – sales of 5% compound finally dropped.  There’s a higher chance of a significant rate increase with 5% compound (due to interest rate sensitivity - carriers who guarantee 5% growth when they earn less than 3% on their 10-year treasuries).  Not to mention 5% compound almost doubles the premium from a 3% factor with many carriers.  We’re starting to see more policies with lower compounding rates or a deferred/future purchase option.
    • Shared Care Rider – about 40% of couples opted to buy the shared care rider.  This rider has become increasingly popular with the lifetime benefit practically disappearing.

The survey also includes rate comparisons of products. 

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