The Advisor's View of Long-Term Care Planning

The Surprising Similarities Between Traditional LTC and New Life/LTC Plans

  Imagine this scenario.  You are the financial advisor conducting a periodic portfolio review with a 55 year old single professional business owner.  She is happy with her investment performance,...
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New long-term care insurance product to offer unlimited benefit option

on Jun 3, 2016 11:48:19 AM By | Tom Riekse Jr | 11 Comments | New LTCi financing products Advice articles about planning
  *Product will be available July 18th in 38 states with more to come - download the presentation below to learn more. As most people know, LTC Insurance used to be a lot less expensive due to a...
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What type of inflation protection are LTCI policyholders buying today?

Source of Photo: Long-term care insurance is bought when someone is "young" (50's) and healthy and is typically used when "old" (80's and 90's). Since an initial benefit is...
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Is the waiver of premium feature for long-term care insurance a crucial benefit?

The waiver of premium feature has been part of long-term care insurance almost as long as the product has been available. The concept is easy - once a client is claim eligible and receiving benefits...
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