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Feb 17, 2015 • LTCI Partners

How LTC Insurance claim stories can help increase interest in planning


Long-term care insurers pay a lot of LTC claims.  According to the AALTCI, about 275,000 Americans received claim benefits in 2014.  It's been well reported that Genworth has set aside more reserves to pay LTC claims on older blocks offering lifetime benefits.  Since 1974, Genworth has paid over 11.9 Billion in claims and now employees over 400 claim associates.

Unless someone has had personal experience with long-term care, it is very difficult to convey the need to plan ahead and the value of  a policy.  A well done story about claims can be very helpful. , a non-profit that promotes insurance awareness offers real life stories videos including LTC at their great website. 

Other carriers, like Transamerica, have produced claim story videos such as the one below.  They are meant for sharing to show people how the process works.


 As more claims come in carriers will provide more content.  However, they will need help from advisers who have policyholders who were helped.

If you are an advisor and have had a client helped by LTC Insurance, drop us a note at - we'd love to forward the story to carriers we work with to possibly develop a story that can encourage more people to plan for LTC.

Written by LTCI Partners