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Jan 16, 2015 • Liz Quinn

How carrier wholesalers can assist advisors with consumer education

Image source: Flickr user Sean MacEntee

As a former carrier wholesaler, I have a unique perspective as to the roles of an external wholesaler as compared with that of a brokerage general agency. As industry advocates, the carrier wholesaler’s primary objective is to generate interest, engage and educate advisors and their clients.

How can carrier wholesalers assist advisors with consumer education?

A carrier wholesaler….

  • is conveniently located to hundreds of advisors and often able to schedule face to face appointments.
  • is able to help an advisor identify clients that meet the demographics of pursuing a long-term care insurance discussion.
  • has a great deal of experience in coordinating client seminars and delivering an educational message.
  • has a great deal of industry knowledge and able to address the advisors and their clients questions or concerns.

As you would expect, it is in a carrier wholesaler’s best interest to represent their product.  However, as industry stewards it too, is in their interest to enhance advisor and consumer awareness surrounding long-term care insurance planning.

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Written by Liz Quinn