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Washington State is creating the first Public LTC plan. Who’s next?

  Note:  This Blog is guest written for LTCI Partners by Noel Evans, LTC Insurance Specialist at AHT Insurance.  Noel can be contacted at  Please understand that information on the Trust Act can change and any payroll tax exemption is subject to state approval. We thank him for this post! As federal solutions for Long-Term Care (LTC) financing elude lawmakers, states are taking the lead in protecting their state budgets from the exorbitant costs of Medicaid related Long-Term Care costs. Washington State is first to do so with its LTC Trust Act, currently slated to go into effect in January 2022. While some key components are being worked out, this will be a law that impacts every W-2 employee (tax payor) in the state of Washington. Other states are considering similar solutions to this massive problem and the devastating effects that caregiving brings to those who do not have a way to pay for LTC.
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