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What are the 4 biggest myths about Long-Term Care?

More and more baby boomers are becoming familiar with long-term care as they help take care of aging parents. However, there continue to be a lack of understanding about how much long-term care costs and who pays for it! Here's the facts - with an aging population, a shrinking workforce, and reduced government money for programs that help with care it will be an issue that impacts everyone. Take a look at these four myths of care:
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New! Updated Guide to planning for long-term care

How much does long-term care costs?  Where is it being provided today?  What are the chances I might need it in the future?  What are options in paying for care?  These are some of the most commonly asked questions about planning for long-term care.  Here's a slideshow that answers some of these questions - and more.
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When Nursing Homes Push Out Our Poor and Disabled Patients

  Note:  This is a republished article from Kaiser Health News describing the financial challenges facing Long-term care in America Jocelyn Wiener, Kaiser Health News Anita Willis says the social worker offered her a painful choice: She could either leave the San Jose, Calif., nursing home where she’d spent a month recovering from a stroke — or come up with $336 a day to stay on. She had until midnight to decide.
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