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Jan 7, 2015 • Liz Quinn

Heed the advice of a caregiver

Long-Term Caregiving is Hard Work!  Mary_Hapeman

Often, one of the reasons someone considers the purchase of long-term care insurance is having had a personal experience with caregiving or knowing someone who has done it or is currently providing care. Initially, caregiving sounds like “no big deal,” but the daily grind of assisting someone, exhausts not only your body but your soul. It is also extremely difficult for the person who is losing their independence to accept the assistance. It becomes hard to remember when you are in the thick of things and the individual needing care is requesting help ONCE AGAIN just after you finally sat down for a minute. 

One of the greatest benefits of long-term care insurance is the fact that the policies cover so many aspects of caregiving.  Assisted living, home care and finally nursing home care if necessary.  When you qualify, you can utilize what is required at that specific time you need it.  This eases the transition for the individual being cared for and the trauma that the caregiver has to deal with.  The fact that the caregiver has someone to take over part of the time or full-time depending upon the situation, allowing them to lead a semi-normal life, which is invaluable.  Furthermore, the knowledge that the financial burden is largely being met also provides peace of mind. 

If you have ever been a caregiver or known someone who has provided care, now is the time to investigate if long-term care insurance is appropriate for you.  If you have never been a caregiver, don’t wait until you experience it before you raise your hand.

Written by Liz Quinn