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"Up Close & Personal" featuring Jerry Manning

Jerry_Manning-1.jpgIn an effort to help our clients get to know us better, this is the first in a brief Q&A series with members of our Group LTC business.   We’re leading off this series with Jerry Manning, our Group Sales Leader & CEO of J. Manning & Associates.

  • NAME: Jerry A. Manning
  • PREVIOUS POSITION: VP, Long-Term Care at Marsh
  • CHALLENGES FACING THE LTC INDUSTRY: Low interest rates, challenging regulations, and old blocks of business that are severely under priced
  • INDUSTRY OUTLOOK: The issue is not going away and the federal government is not going to pay for it. We are seeing very high demand, but there have been challenges with the product design. We need new LTC products and we are starting to see the carriers work on creative new product designs that will avoid the mistakes they made in the past
  • FIRST EXPERIENCE IN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY: Group Life & Disability sales rep for Standard Insurance Company
  • ADVICE: Focus is what makes you successful, and worry about what you can control
  • FAVORITE BOOK: Think and Grow Rich
  • FAVORITE TV SHOW: Curb your Enthusiasm 
  • HOBBIES: Golf, watching the Cubs, playing Rock & Roll (drums)

Read Jerry Manning's Bio Here

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