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TransCare® II Changes For California - Effective July 12, 2016


TransCare® II Changes For California - Effective July 12, 2016

Transamerica Life Insurance Company remains committed to you and to the Long Term Care insurance market. We continue to actively manage our Long Term Care insurance business to ensure that our programs and products align with our core business philosophy, supporting our key objective to remain in the market for the long haul. The following changes to TransCare® II will go into effect in California on Tuesday, July 12, 2016:

  • Due to recent claims experience, and in an ongoi
    ng effort to manage our business, our new business premium rates have been revised

Additional information about the changes:

  • Previously saved quotes for TransCare® II in CA are no longer available on TransQuote
  • There are new application and disclosure packages that must be used beginning July 12. Joint applications will not be available. Applications include 0914 in the lower left corner. Disclosures include 0216 in the lower left corner.   
  • Current open enrollments will not be affected by any of these changes until the enrollment ends. Annual Re-Enrollments and New Hire cases after July 12th will be with the new rates.   
  • Tailored Benefit Increase Option Rider will now be available in e-App and paper applications.

For Association Business only:  

  • New application and disclosure packages for the rerate product will be available for use on and after July 12. Existing applications must be signed and dated on or before July 11th, 2016 and received in the home office on or before July 12th, 2016 in order to be honored with the old rates.

For Worksite Business only:  

  • Business for which an implementation memo has already been approved will be honored at the old rates, according to the terms agreed to and described in the implementation memo.
  • Business for which an implementation memo is not yet approved: All properly completed Service Group Requests (SGRs) along with a completed census file for the old rates must be received by end of business on July 12th, 2016. Enrollments for these cases must be completed within 90 days of July 12th, 2016, or within the terms of the implementation memo agreed upon by Worksite Administration.

We reserve the right to not approve any SGR under old rates if we feel it is necessary.

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