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When I’m walking through our office, I hear many of our associates sharing with employees (while fielding calls during enrollments), “don’t let later become never.”  Today is the day to look at Long-Term Care Insurance.  As a benefits professional, here are 5 great reasons to check Group LTC Insurance off you’re your to-do list (Q3 and Q4 client discussions).

  1. Your loved ones want to care about you, not care for you.
    It’s important to make a plan to tackle the financial costs of needing care.  LTC Insurance should be an important part of that plan.  Putting it off isn’t helping anyone.

  1. It’s better to buy when you’re healthy.
    As you get older, your risk of needing care increases.  As a result, the cost of  LTC Insurance plans available to you will go up.  Feeling healthy?  Perfect.  Now is a great time to buy.

  1. We make it easier than ever.
    Getting this insurance used to mean meeting with agents, sitting through flip charts and articles, and going back and forth over pricing and paperwork.  It took lots and lots of time.  Then we came along.  We provide you a clear plan recommendation in a brief telephone conversation, with a few emails or on our online enrollment platform.  We explain things in a way everyone can understand.  It’s very easy, just unfamiliar to most people.    
  1. You don’t want to fall behind.
    Odds are if your parents failed to own LTC Insurance, or your friends have put it off, you’re comforted thinking you are in the same boat.  But just because family or friends haven’t told you they got a policy doesn’t mean they didn’t get it taken care of.  Ask someone you trust.  Better yet, purchase LTC Insurance now, tell a friend, and break the cycle of silence once and for all.
  2. It feels great.
    Tackling life’s “to-do list” includes preparing for the future.  You know the relief you feel when you take care of a lingering chore?  That’s the feeling many of our clients report after discovering how easy we make checking LTC Insurance off the list.

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