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November 2023 WA Cares Newsletter


November 2023 Monthly Newsletter


Featured Care Story:

At 30, Dani experienced a complication during a routine medical procedure that left her with a spinal cord injury.

“I’d never really seen anyone my age need long-term care until it happened to me. Life happens to all of us. At any point in time, you could experience a serious illness or an injury or a traumatic event.”

Read more.



If you’re self-employed, you can choose to elect coverage and protect yourself with the same affordable benefits available to other Washington workers. Learn about eligibility, benefits, and how to elect coverage for self-employed workers on Nov. 28th. The webinar will also include an overview of WA Cares and a live Q&A session. Register today.

Watch the recording of our November WA Cares Conversations webinar to learn how you and your family can navigate a discussion about long-term care needs you may have now or in the future. Our panel talked about what topics to cover, tips for starting the conversation and managing discomfort, how to recognize signs of dementia and talk with a loved one who is already experiencing those signs as well as personal experiences with these conversations. The webinar also included an overview of WA Cares and how it can fit into workers’ future long-term care plans.


Fund Fact: November is National Family Caregivers Month.

AARP estimates there are 820,000 family caregivers in Washington who provide $16.8 million worth of care each year to their loved ones. While caregiving can be a rewarding experience, it can also also feel stressful, isolating and exhausting. Family caregivers often experience personal, professional and financial setbacks like paying for care costs out of pocket, leaving the workforce to provide care or experiencing health impacts from stress.

Starting in 2026, WA Cares beneficiaries will be able to get help for their loved ones by making them a paid caregiver, paying for respite care so they can take a break, getting services like meal delivery to help with other care needs and accessing caregiver education and support.

If you’re a family caregiver who needs help now, check out our list of family caregiving resources.


Monthly FAQ: How can I start a conversation with a loved one about long-term care?

Talking with our loved ones about long-term care needs – either now or in the future – can feel uncomfortable. People often don’t want to think about a time in the future when they or a loved one might need support to live independently, and it can be even harder to accept they’ve already reached a point where they need more help.

To avoid the difficult feelings that come with these conversations, many families skip talking about long-term care until the need is urgent. But at that point, not having a plan to rely on can make the experience of navigating a care need even more painful.

If your family is gathering for Thanksgiving or winter holidays, consider having an initial talk with your loved ones when you see each other next. Not sure how to get started? Take a look at our new conversation guide for tips.

WA Cares in the news:

The Washington State Standard recently interviewed our director Ben Veghte about how the program works, why it’s needed, and how to address the family caregiving crisis. Read the Q&A.

LTSS Trust Commission update:

The LTSS Trust Commission met on Nov. 7. At the meeting, the Commission:

  • Approved an agency administrative expenses report
  • Received an update on employer reporting from the Employment Security Department
  • Heard from the Office of the State Actuary (OSA) and Milliman on actuarial analysis and OSA’s latest solvency report
  • Received an update from the Portability Cost Offsets Workgroup
  • Reviewed the draft LTSS Trust Commission Recommendations Report

To find November meeting materials and details for joining the Commission’s final meeting of the year (Dec. 12, 2023 from 1-4 p.m.), visit the Commission page on our website.