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March 2024 WA Cares Newsletter


March 2024 Monthly Newsletter


7 in 10 Washingtonians will need long-term care. “There is this whole area of long-term care that is not covered by health insurance, is not covered by Medicare.” – Zyna, public health advocate. WA Cares Fund is an earned benefit to help you age independently. Learn more.

Do you have a care story?

Do you have personal or professional experience caring for an older adult who needs help with daily activities like eating, bathing, getting around the house, grocery shopping, and taking medication? The WA Cares Fund wants to hear your story to help raise awareness about the need for long-term care!

There are multiple opportunities available for people who want to share their story with us, ranging from a feature story on the WA Cares website to participation in a video shoot. For more details, please contact by April 5. 


Join us for our WA Cares Basics: What Workers Need to Know webinar on April 18 from 1-2 p.m. Learn more about what long term care includes, how caregiving responsibilities impact families and the workplace, who contributes to the fund, how exemptions work, how workers will meet contribution requirements (including a pathway for near retirees) and more. Register today.

Find recording of past webinars and learn more about upcoming webinars here.

Rulemaking: The DSHS WA Cares Fund policy team is initiating rulemaking activities for implementing a new chapter of Washington Administrative Code related to the WA Cares Fund program. 

Join us for the upcoming rulemaking meeting on April 3rd from 3 - 5 p.m. This will be a listening session focused on the following approved services:

  • In-home personal care
  • Eligible relative care
  • Services for family caregivers
  • Adult day services
  • Home delivered meals
  • Adaptive equipment and technology
  • Transportation
  • Personal emergency response systems
  • Home safety evaluation
  • Environmental modifications

ICYMI: Watch the replay of our Rulemaking Project and Schedule meeting. If you are interested in receiving notifications for rulemaking activities or joining rulemaking stakeholder meetings, please update your e-mail preferences.

You can find information on rulemaking notices, upcoming meetings, and any posted material on our website

Fund Fact: According to data from the American Community Survey, 43% of Washingtonians ages 18 to 64 with disabilities are employed – a total of 215,324 workers statewide. These workers may need or benefit from additional support in the workplace or at home.

Long-term care isn’t just for older adults – it covers a broad range of needs and situations. For people of all ages who have a disability, long-term services and supports can be essential tools for staying self-sufficient.  Many workers with disabilities who meet contribution requirements will become eligible for WA Cares benefits when they become available in July 2026. In fact, the program’s actuarial analysis suggests workers with disabilities will make up the majority of projected first-year beneficiaries. 

Learn more about supporting workers with disabilities.

Monthly FAQ: Can I take my WA Cares benefits out of state if I move?

Starting in July 2026, Washington workers can choose to continue participating in the WA Cares Fund if they move out of state. To become an out-of-state participant, workers must have contributed to WA Cares for at least three years (in which they worked at least 500 hours per year) and must opt in within a year of leaving Washington.

Learn more about the new portability benefits in our monthly news article.