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We’re asked daily, what can I send or share with my clients for Group LTC?  Check out this new piece we put together to help brokers initiate the Long-Term Care conversation with employers.  Need more information? Check out these additional talking points:


Why Offer this Benefit?

  • Coverage helps employees protect their retirement income & lifestyle
  • The “missing piece” of Financial Wellness or Retirement Readiness programs
  • More and more employees have personal experience with Long-Term Care


What are the Program Advantages?

  • Discounted gender-neutral rates
  • Simplified issue (SI) underwriting
  • Robust educational campaign
  • Ease of enrollment (online with call center support)  
  • Can be offered on a Voluntary or Employer-funded basis
  • Unique and preferential tax treatment (for employer-funded cases or for employees with HSAs)


Who Buys Group LTC Insurance?

  • Employees between the ages of 40-65
  • Spouses or domestic partners
  • Employees who participate in a 401(k), 403(b) or other retirement savings plan
  • Household income over $60,000/year


Why Offer this Coverage Now?

  • Retirement planning & healthcare (Long-Term Care) is a growing concern for employees
  • Rates are determined by entry age and do not increase due to aging
  • Market entries or re-entries are likely in 2018
  • LTC Insurance is an emerging Voluntary & Executive Benefit


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