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Doing Business with J. Manning & Associates | Group LTC Support


We’re asked by benefits brokers daily, “what’s your support model? How do we work or partner with your firm?”  Below you’ll find a detailed list of everything that we’ll do to support your Group LTC opportunities.  We continue to invest in our people, process and technology to ensure smooth and successful enrollments.

Group Sales & Enrollment Support:

  • Retail commission split = 70/30, with 30% going to our broker-partners
  • We incur all costs associated with an enrollment
  • We’ll assign a Regional Sales Leader to work with the client (leading the sales process and enrollment support)
  • Carrier negotiations and communication – we’ll advocate for our clients/broker-partners and work directly with our carrier partners
  • Once the case is “sold”, JMA/LTCI Partners will assign a dedicated Account Manager & Implementation Specialist for the enrollment
  • Use of our proprietary online enrollment engine & real-time chat functionality 
  • Use of email communications platform (we’ll send our emails on behalf of HR – our emails look as if they’re coming from HR)  
  • Educational webinars (we’ll conduct live & pre-recorded webinars)
  • Group meetings (we’ll conduct onsite meetings if there are enough EEs in one location/multiple locations…and if it culturally “makes sense”)
  • Dedicated toll-free phone number and email address will be used for the enrollment
  • Call center support (LTCI Partners has W2 EEs who conduct 1-on-1’s – all calls are recorded for quality assurance & training purposes)
  • Case management
  • Ongoing policyholder service & support



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