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August 2023 WA Cares Newsletter


August 2023 Monthly Newsletter


Featured Care Story:

Maria lives in Pierce County along with her sister, brothers, and parents. She works part-time as a Spanish-language interpreter, including recent roles at local schools and an organization supporting community health workers. Maria keeps her work part-time to be available to provide care to her aging mom Maria and dad Ismael. Watch Maria’s story in English or Spanish.



The next WA Cares Basics: What Workers Need to Know webinar will take place on September 21 from 12:00-1:00 p.m. and will be entirely in Spanish. Join us to learn more about what long term care includes, how caregiving responsibilities impact families and the workplace, who contributes to the fund, how exemptions work, how workers will meet contribution requirements (including a pathway for near retirees) and more. Register now


Fund Fact: WA Cares is the product of years of careful research and actuarial modeling.

Ten years ago, the Washington State Legislature recognized that as our society ages, more people will need long-term care, meaning they will need help with activities of daily living like preparing meals, getting dressed, bathing and getting around.

Read more about the program history.


Monthly FAQ: Who contributes and participates in WA Cares?

Almost all workers in Washington will contribute to the WA Cares Fund, including part-time and temporary workers.

You are considered a Washington worker if your work is localized in Washington state. WA Cares uses the same localization definitions as the state’s Paid Family and Medical Leave program (found in RCW 50A.05.010). If you are included in Paid Leave, you will also be included in WA Cares unless you have an approved exemption.

There are a few notable exceptions. Federal employees are not included in WA Cares. Employees of tribal businesses are only included if the tribe has opted in. Self-employed people can also choose to opt in and receive the same benefits as other Washington workers.

Watch our new FAQ video or visit our website to learn more about who contributes.


LTSS Trust Commission update:

The LTSS Trust Commission had its second meeting in 2023 on July 25. The meeting included recognition of the program launch and updates on premium collection and exemptions, program communications and outreach, progress made by the Benefit Eligibility Workgroup and Portability Cost Offsets Workgroup and a final report out on minimum provider qualifications. You can watch the meeting on TVW and tune in for the next Commission meeting on September 19 from 1– 4p.m.