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4 Reasons to Offer Executive Long-Term Care Insurance


Is Executive LTC Insurance making a comeback?  Popular in the 1990's and prior to the 2008 financial crisis, there are many unique advantages to these plans that can make them a popular choice to offer to closely held businesses.  Here are 4 of them:

  1. It's a long-term committment to the executive.  A LTC Insurance benefit last a lifetime - 20 to 30 years beyond employment.  Not quite a "Golden Handcuff", it sends a message of the importance of key employees and can help with retention and recruitment efforts.
  2. Timing is right.  Many executives are part of the sandwich generations - dealing with aging parents and children.  They may be experiencing issues related to aging parents and already be looking at buyng LTC Insurance.
  3. Healthcare is Front-of-Mind.  One of the biggest concerns of people in pre-retirement is planning for healthcare in retirement.    According to the Fidelity health care estimator, a 55 year old male who retires at age 68 will need about $279,000 to pay for health care costs- and that's before LTC costs!
  4. Favorable Tax-Treatment. Especially for C-Corporations, employer paid LTC Insurance offers a "Triple-threat" to a group of selected executives- premiums are fully deductible, not considered part of income, and benefits are tax-free when used for qualified LTC services.  

There are several carriers that offer Executive LTC plans, including a new plan from National Guardian Life.  If you'd like to learn more, check out the resources below or consider viewing to our recent webinar on Executive LTC Planning.


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