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Transamerica- LTC Updates -March 2020

Posted by LTCI Partners | Mar 31, 2020 10:57:04 AM
End-to-End Virtual Selling Process
As COVID-19 concerns take hold, feelings of uncertainty are common — even normal. You may have questions about how to conduct business, including what steps can be taken to minimize personal contact with clients and partners alike. Here are a few updates.
End-To-End Remote Selling
The Transamerica e-App is designed to help you submit business with ease, no matter where you are. Log into ARC to access the e-App — an easy to use tool to complete and submit your LTC application. DocuSign is provided as part of the e-App process for agents and clients to use to sign and submit applications. Watch the training video below to see how simple the process is.
For e-App support call 855-556-5440 from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. CT or email
Underwriting and Support
Under our Business Continuity Plan, New Business, Underwriting, Sales Support, and all other departments related to LTC are operating at normal capacity.
To provide comfort to your clients, consider sharing these important underwriting points:
NO PARAMEDS — no visits, fluids, or other in-person requirements
Face-to-face visits — less than 5% of submitted lives impacted since 2017*
APS/medical records — no notable delays; monitoring closely
All other elements of the underwriting process are unaffected
Together, we're invested for the long run.
For questions, reach out to your GA or our Internal Sales Desk at 888-545-2713.

Be sure to check ARC for updates.
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* Internal Transamerica data, as of March 2020.
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