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Transamerica Covid-19 Underwriting Rules

Posted by LTCI Partners | May 15, 2020 12:45:18 PM


COVID-19 exposure or confirmed positive COVID-19 test in persons with no other known medical conditions, non-tobacco users

Post Pone for 60 days from the date of confirmed recovery or negative COVID-19 test results

Confirmed positive COVID-19 history in persons that already had underlying medical conditions (including but not limited to, respiratory, cardiac conditions, hypertension, diabetes, neurological, liver or kidney impairment.).  Please also check the guide for the other underlying condition to assure that the underlying condition itself is insurable.

2 year postponement

Confirmed positive COVID-19 history in persons with significant residual fibrosis of the lungs or other systemic residuals (including but not limited to cardiac, liver, kidney, neurological) from the COVID illness not yet resolved.



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