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Thrivent- July Updates

Posted by LTCI Partners | Jul 20, 2020 4:58:39 PM


Policy Issue Age - Clarification


To ensure that the issue age of an approved LTC policy for a client with a recent birthday is that of the younger age, an application must be dated and submitted to Thrivent within 30 days of the birthday


·    For example, if a client had a birthday of 06/30 and application must be dated and received at Thrivent before 07/29 to ensure that an approved policy is issued with the younger age. 




Pre-Appointment States


Effective immediately, Wisconsin has been added as a pre-appointment state. The states that now require pre-appointment with Thrivent are GA, PA and WI. Updated appointment forms are in process and will be made available as soon as possible. In the meantime, the current appointment forms can continue to be used.




Fraternal License Guide - Updated


Fraternal Licenses are required in the states of CT, DE, MA, and NM. The additional Fraternal License, or Line of Authority, must be obtained prior to solicitation in these states. 


Click here for the updated Fraternal License Guide with current instructions on how submit an application in each state



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