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Posted by LTCI Partners | Mar 4, 2020 3:15:08 PM
February 2020  
Care Solutions News
Island paradise and old-world elegance await!
2021 Chairman’s Trip:
Celebrate your success

The 2021 OneAmerica Chairman’s Trip is an opportunity to celebrate the very best of our sales leaders. It’s only appropriate, then, that this year’s trip will be held from May 11-16, 2021, in Madrid, a city that for centuries has been known for dance, music and revelry. Learn how your agents can qualify for this exciting trip!

2021 Independent Leaders’ Conference: The Garden Island

The destination for the 2021 OneAmerica Independent Leaders’ Conference is beautiful Kauai, a lush landscape of green mountains and rolling beaches. As much as 97% of Kauai’s land remains undeveloped, making it a unique island experience for you and a guest — and we hope to see you there, at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa! Find out how marketing organizations and producers can qualify.

Enhancing your experience in 2020
Asset Care submission process: Two simple choices
Our focus on enhancing your experience in 2020 continues with a fine-tuning of our Asset Care new business submission process. The new process is straightforward: After completing Part I of the application, agents will simply choose whether to ask the Part II medical questions or have our interview vendor complete these questions. Read on to get details about the path each choice will take you on and when this change will go into effect. 
Your expanded OneAmerica Relationship Team
Relationships are at the core of what we do, and that’s why we announced the expansion of your OneAmerica Relationship Team last month. Read more about how your team is here to offer you comprehensive service and support
Operations updates
Access February interest rates
Effective Saturday, Feb. 15, new business interest rates for the OneAmerica Care Solutions product suite remain unchanged. View the announcement for full details.
Electronic document submissions
Electronically signed documents have become increasingly common in our industry. And, while an electronic signature on any OneAmerica platform is perfectly acceptable, there is risk in accepting electronic signatures from external sources. As a result, we’ve worked with our Legal, Risk and Fraud partners to determine that we’re able to accept externally signed requests using the DOCUSIGN platform, as long as the accompanying certificate of completion is also provided. At this time, no other externally signed, third-party signature tools used are approved. Thank you for your partnership in continuing to protect our policyholders!
Sales and product
SECURE Act and the opportunities it creates: New sales idea!
Last month we shared a deep dive into the new Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act that was signed into law on Dec. 20, 2019. Be sure to revisit this helpful rundown from OneAmerica Advanced Markets Director Kelly Hall about what this legislation means for you and your clients — and leverage our new sales idea to share the opportunities it presents!
OneAmerica resources
Updated: 2020 Advanced Sales materials
Each year, because of tax law changes, the contribution and deduction limits for various accounts index for inflation. Our Advanced Sales team prepares Tax Tables at a Glance, which summarizes the new numbers for the year, and updates the Asset-based LTC Tax Guide for individuals and businesses, which reflects the changes for LTC.
Care Solutions state licensing guide
Access our OneAmerica Care Solutions state licensing guide quickly and easily! Get the current version here.
Learn and earn
Build your LTC knowledge: Dig into the Care Solutions products with our suite and concept training webinars every other Friday. Want to go deeper? Join a Care Solutions Live Deep Dive webinar for in-depth modules on key asset-based LTC topics. 

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