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NGL- EssentialLTC Update

Posted by LTCI Partners | Nov 18, 2020 9:30:00 AM
Larry Moore joins our long term care sales team

We are pleased to welcome Larry Moore to the NGL long term care sales team as Regional Vice President - Individual Products. Larry has more than 30 years of LTCi experience and has been dedicated to approaching LTCi planning from an overall retirement and estate planning perspective.

"I could not be more excited about my new opportunity with NGL," shares Larry. "When I consider NGL's position in the marketplace, I have not seen a better set of circumstances for any insurance carrier in many years. NGL is a robust and profitable one-hundred-year-old mutual company with little exposure to the kinds of Long Term Care insurance legacy business that has challenged our industry." 

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Good partners grow with you

Our financial strength flyer highlights how our diverse product mix and history of financial strength and stability make NGL a go-to choice for Long Term Care insurance. EssentialLTC's popular features are included in the flyer, showcasing how you can create a personalized policy within your client's budget.   

Specializing in a suite of innovative products for life's journey, we give people the financial stability, careful guidance and peace of mind to lead a life filled with confidence, dignity and grace. We are proud to serve our partners and policyholders through connection, collaboration and compassion.

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Top 10 facts about long term care planning

It's already the middle of November which means Long Term Care Awareness Month is nearly over. This month is a great opportunity to educate our communities about the benefits of long term care planning.

"Nobody can look into the future and know that they will have health issues that require them to need long term care support services. That's why understanding the value of Long Term Care insurance makes it an essential part when considering a financial plan," shares Joe Guyotte, NGL National Sales Manager - Individual Products. 

The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance shared 10 interesting facts about long term care planning.
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Monthly modal premium factor lowered in Arizona and District of Columbia

Effective November 20, 2020, the modal premium factor utilized to determine the monthly premium amount for EssentialLTC is being lowered in Arizona and the District of Columbia. The change will be from a current factor of .095 to a new factor of .0875.

With this implementation, the monthly modal factor will now be .0875 in all states where EssentialLTC is available. The
EssentialLTC State Variation document will be revised on November 20, 2020 to reflect this change.

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