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Mutual of Omaha- Underwriting Update

Posted by LTCI Partners | Jul 19, 2019 9:40:46 AM

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Amanda Blackburn


We appreciate your business, value your relationship and always want to keep you informed.
Mutual of Omaha is currently reviewing and will begin updating the MutualCare® Solutions underwriting guidelines soon. Until then, we want to share a great new service regarding physical exams with you effective immediately!
Regardless of age, our underwriting guidelines require an applicant to have completed a favorable physical exam within the past 2 years. If no exam has been completed, clients have the following options to meet this requirement.
Option 1 – All Applicants
Schedule and complete an exam with their physician of choice while the application is in-house.  Note: LTCi applications are valid for 90 days, therefore, clients must complete their exams and underwriting must receive medical records within that timeframe.  
Option 2 – Applicants 59 and Younger*
In lieu of an established physician and physical assessment, Mutual of Omaha will provide a paramed exam and labs at no cost to the client. Note:  Please indicate this request on the application.  Note:  Preferred rating class is still possible with this type of exam.
Mutual of Omaha will not automatically decline an application if it comes in with no evidence of an exam; however, the client must understand that either option above must be satisfied, with favorable results, for underwriting to issue the LTC policy. 
Look for an updated MutualCare® Solutions Underwriting Guide reflecting these changes in the fourth quarter.
*This is an option for applicants age 59 and below that do not require medical records (we APS for cause).




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