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Jun 29, 2022 • LTCI Partners

Mutual of Omaha Releases Cost of Care Study and Claims Process Video

  JUNE 2022  

Welcome Back!


In case you missed it... The Cost-of-Care Study results are in!

To help you and your producers navigate the conversation about how clients intend to pay for their long-term care, we've updated and developed new cost-of-care tools.
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Condition-Related Marketing: Physical Therapy

If a client is currently undergoing physical therapy, there are some key best practices for producers to follow when taking their application.
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Social Media Update: We're on LinkedIn!

Mutual of Omaha's brokerage social media presence is expanding! Follow us on LinkedIn to get the latest LTC, Life, DI and CI news to share right to your feed.
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New LTC Claims Process Video

A long-term care triggering life event can be an emotional and a stressful time for clients. Oftentimes, the agent of record is the first phone call an insured or a family member makes. Ensure your producers know what to expect by sharing our claims process and best practices video.
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Written by LTCI Partners