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Sep 8, 2023 • LTCI Partners

LifeSecure Rate Increase in Florida



As part of our commitment to meeting the future needs of our policyholders, we routinely assess the experience of our Long Term Care Insurance policies. As previously announced on Aug. 16, based on recent analysis, we determined that a premium increase will be necessary for our first-generation Long Term Care Insurance policies in Florida (policy series LS-0002 et al). This policy series was issued up to and including portions of 2014.


A notification letter describing the premium rate increase will be mailed to each affected policyholder beginning Wednesday, Sept. 6. For impacted multi-life groups, we will also contact the group administrators to assist them with this process. If you would like to receive a copy of the letter for each of your affected client(s), please contact our Agent Support team.


Click here to view a sample Policyholder Letter, Selection Option Form, and FAQ document with more information about the premium increase.


Policyholders who meet certain conditions will receive a Selection Option Form, which provides information on available options if they want to offset the increased premium by reducing their coverage. While some policyholders will not be eligible to receive a Selection Option Form, all policyholders are encouraged to call us to discuss additional options that may be available to keep some coverage in force.


If you have any additional questions or need additional information, please call our Agent Support team at 866.582.7701.



Written by LTCI Partners