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Nov 16, 2023 • LTCI Partners

John Hancock Premier Benefit IUL Approved in CA



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A new opportunity to sell life and long-term care protection in the workplace

Approved in California!

Premier Benefit IUL gives you a compelling way to tap into the employer market — and it’s now available in California. It offers high-earning employees an easy way to buy voluntary individual permanent life insurance with optional long-term care rider protection — all at no cost to the employer. What's more, every policy includes John Hancock Vitality PLUS, which supports employees in their pursuit of living a longer, healthier, better life.*

Key highlights:

  • Fully digital experience — ensures an efficient process from start to finish
  • Streamlined underwriting1 — requires no APS, medical exams, or labs and often results in an instant decision; guaranteed issue available for larger group sizes
  • Enhanced protection with our Long-Term Care rider2 — gives employees the option to accelerate their policy's death benefit in the event of a long-term care need
  • Cost-efficient, permanent death benefit protection with income tax-free growth3 potential — gives employees a choice of tying policy performance to an S&P®4-linked indexed account and/or a Fixed Account
  • John Hancock Vitality PLUS — rewards employees for the everyday steps they take to live longer, healthier, better lives

State approvals

Premier Benefit IUL is approved in all states except Guam & New York


Written by LTCI Partners