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Industry Survey on Long Term Care Now Underway

Posted by LTCI Partners | Sep 15, 2020 2:03:18 PM

I’ll be direct – our industry needs you! Okay, I know I’m being a bit dramatic, but not really…we need your input/feedback.


LTCI Partners helped develop a survey of agents and advisors exploring their attitudes towards long-term care planning (Traditional & Combination Life + LTC, CI & ADB) and the Insurance policies we ask them to bring to their prospects and clients. 


With the help of Oliver Wyman, NAIFA, NAILBA and Broker World Magazine we expect this to be the largest sampling of producer opinion ever. 


What do we hope to learn?


  • Best practices in starting the long-term care planning conversation.
  • Agent/Advisor/Consumer product perceptions and preferences.
  • Best ways to get prospects and clients to “YES”.
  • New product insights.
  • Types of training and education that will improve sales results.
  • Why many agents/advisors DO NOT discuss long-term care planning with consumers.


All these items have the potential of making a significant difference in long-term care insurance market acceptance and penetration.  By completing this survey, you’ll receive a copy of the results and be invited to a webinar to discuss what it means for our business.


Link to this 10-minute survey (must be completed before 10/6) --

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