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EsentialLTC Product Updates-July 2019

Posted by LTCI Partners | Jul 18, 2019 9:37:20 AM
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Tips to Exceed Your LTCi Marketing Goals
Join us for this episode of the Inspired by LTCi Specialists webinar series with special guest speaker, Celeste Cobb. Celeste will share her nearly 30 years of LTCi marketing experience with UNUM, MetLife, and running her own consulting firm, to give you tips to help you exceed your marketing goals. 
Celeste will help you evaluate the communication channels available for marketing yourself and/or your business. She’ll also help you answer questions, like, 
  • Is the money you are spending delivering the return you are expecting? 
  • Are you maximizing your budget to meet your goals?  
  • Are your efforts balanced between awareness and lead generation efforts?  
  • How are you balancing your marketing communication channels?
Celeste will also share insights, from research and experience, for developing materials that can give your customer what they need to make a decision. Even the most experienced sales people and marketers fall into traps of delivering too much, not enough, or cluttered messages that can derail the best sales efforts. Learn how to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.
Don’t miss this session!
Celeste Cobb,
Insurance Marketing Solutions, LLC
Celeste has nearly 30 years of carrier experience developing, managing, and implementing sales & marketing campaigns in the association/affinity, employer, and individual markets.
Marc Glickman,
Chief Sales Officer
NGL LTC Administrative Office
Marc has nearly a decade of experience as a long term care actuary, LTCi trainer & educator.
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