Long-Term Care Insurance 2.0 - a new generation of products [Special Report]

Posted by Tom Riekse Jr on Apr 7, 2016 11:27:19 AM


What is Long-Term Care Insurance 2.0? It's a brand new generation of LTC planning products that incorporate more stable, sustainable pricing that remains a good value for buyers.  Several companies have either introduced new products are are planning to shortly.

One example is  New York Life's new long-term care product, Secure Care. To understand why this is important, a little history lesson on New York Life in the LTC business is instructive.

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The biggest reason for the slump in LTC sales - and the key to a turnaround

Posted by Tom Riekse Jr on Jan 15, 2016 4:42:55 PM

Standalone long-term care insurance sales are in a slump. According to most industry estimates, new policy sales are about a third of what they were just 10 years ago. The primary reason for the decline - a crisis of confidence of both buyers and sellers of the product. Like most slumps, the reasons have their roots back to the days when sales were booming.

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