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Sample rates1 for single females

Up to 15% discount off the single rate is available if married, applying alone.

Plan A

More Affordable

  • $53,768 lifetime max benefits.
  • $3,000 in monthly benefits.
  • No growth in benefits.

Add $72,000 in Life Insurance.


per month

Plan B

Most Popular

  • $109,000 lifetime benefits.
  • $3,000 monthly benefits.
  • 3% annual growth.

Add $72,000 in Life Insurance.


per month

Plan C

More Coverage

  • $120,000 lifetime max benefits.
  • $3,000 monthly benefits.
  • 3% annual growth.

Add $72,000 in Life Insurance.


per month

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Long Term Care Insurance rates based on the best rate between these plans: Mutual of Omaha Secure Solution: Policy Form LTC13,Ver Ohio ICC20465394, and National Gurdian Life: Policy Form ICC16-NLTC100P Ohio, and Thrivent Financial ICC 1827215B N11-17 Ohio. Best rate classification given for ages 54 and younger, second-best rate classification for ages 55 and older.

Life Insurance, if included, is payable less any benefit amounts received for long term care. Rates for long term care insurance with life Insurance are based on Nationwide CareMatters II Policy Form ICC18-NWLA-583, OH, Ver, non-smoker rates.

This is not an illustration. Not all features and benefits of the policy are shown here. Exclusions, restrictions, limitations, and reduction in benefits will, in certain situations, apply to this policy. Provided content is for overview and informational purposes only and is not intended and should not be relied upon as individual advice or an individual quote. The rates shown are based on several factors including health factors of the proposed insured, optional riders selected, and other eligibility criteria. Discuss with a long term care insurance specialist for further details.

Sample rates provide a general idea for possible costs and benefit amounts. Your rate will vary based on your age, health, benefits selected, and other factors. The rates shown reflect the approximate monthly rates based on the ages shown. The rates you pay over your lifetime are based, in part, on your age at the time the policy was issued. Rates on some plans are not guaranteed and may increase.

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