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Expressing love to your spouse or family member happens in different ways. As we age, love can be about protecting your loved ones from having to provide or worry about paying for your care—or it can be about being able to provide the best care for them.

An example of this is Ruth. Five years ago, her husband, John, suffered a paralyzing stroke that left him confined to a wheelchair, unable to speak, and requiring a considerable amount of home health care. Ruth, being a committed, loving wife, acted as her husband’s primary caregiver. As much as she loved John, it totally exhausted her. At age 79, Ruth could no longer function as John’s caregiver. What’s next for this couple?

Why consider long-term care insurance? Love

Families experience an emotional and financial impact if the need for long-term care arises. Here is where having a long-term care plan helps provide you with the freedom to focus on issues beyond draining your energy and funds. The security of long-term care insurance helps you to have greater control over whether you stay at home or move into a facility. Benefits are available to help pay for care in a variety of settings; at home, an assisted living facility, or a skilled nursing care center.

What is the definition of Long-Term Care?

Long-term care is the type of ongoing assistance or supervision you may need when you are unable to perform normal daily activities on your own. The need for this can arise from physical or cognitive impairments. Paying someone to help you do these things is usually not covered by your regular health insurance, Medicare, or TRICARE. Without the right insurance, this could mean more money out of your pocket to pay for the care you need.

LTCI Partners is familiar with all ranges of care and plans and we are here to help you discover what the right plan is for you and your loved ones.


We all want to live our best lives – healthy and in an environment that makes us feel happy and safe. However, all too often, life may take you in a direction you didn’t expect.

Take Steven. After living in the same home for 52 years, at age 79, Steven wants to move. Yard care for him is overwhelming. The extra space in his two thousand square-foot home is more than he needs or can maintain. He has already taken a fall in his garage and spent six months recuperating from a broken hip. If he stays, he knows he risks more physical injury and certainly more mental anxiety trying to cope with a life he can no longer handle. But on a fixed income, where can he go that gives him the quality of life he still wants and the care he needs? This is a very common concern facing seniors. Facilities are expensive and can quickly deplete any money saved for the future.

What’s the best plan for your future? To live the way you want.

Since age and health are primary factors in determining the cost of your policy, it is a good idea to plan for how you want your future to look while your health is still good. The older you are, the higher your rate will be, and you’ll never be younger than you are today. Since our health generally declines as we age, odds are you will never be healthier than you are today! Now is the time to plan to live the way you want—and the way you may need to.

LTCI Partners is here to help you make the best life choice for you and your family.


It has been said there are two things we seek most in life: happiness and peace of mind. While you can’t put a price on it, we still save money to enjoy financial peace of mind for the future. But all that can change in a moment.

Here is a story from a nursing home administrator:
“I vividly recall when a wife was admitting her husband for Alzheimer’s care. I had to ask the question, ‘How do you plan to pay for your husband’s care in our facility?’ Her response was, ‘Oh, I’m not worried about it. Medicare will be paying the bill.’ When I heard that answer, I knew I had to explain to her that Medicare would not pay for custodial care, which is the level of care he would be receiving in our facility. To this day, I remember the look on her face when she realized what I was saying – that she (and their savings) would be responsible for the cost of her husband’s care.”

What will you gain from creating a plan? Greater peace of mind.

With all of the information out there on long-term care insurance, trying to figure out the best approach can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. It is our job to make planning easy for you. Instead of displaying all of the ever-changing plan designs and optional benefits, we know how to keep it simple. Call us and, in a short conversation, we will review the four primary decision points in building a plan, evaluate your situation, and recommend and explain a solution tailored to your needs and budget.

Peace of mind is one of the main reasons people work with LTCI Partners. Leverage our knowledge and expertise to make this a simple process from start to finish. Our goal is for you to own meaningful benefits that fit comfortably within your budget. We work with leading insurance companies to provide a broad choice of competitive and reputable long-term care insurance solutions, without any pressure. We want to earn your trust and confidence and it will be our pleasure to reward you with a satisfying buying experience.


When is the time to take action? Today!

Live your life with the peace of mind that you have a plan for your future and the future of those you love.

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We are here to make the process of understanding and owning long-term care insurance easy. Our focus is to help provide the peace of mind that you have a plan to care for loved ones and live life with quality.  

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LTCI Partners' was selected by the Florida State Fraternal Order of Policy to help their members with this important planning.  LTCI Partner's, LLC, (LTCI Partners) acts as an agent for select insurance companies to provide long-term care insurance under this program.  Invitations for application for LTC Insurance are made through LTCI Partners. LTCI Partners or its licensed representatives are currently licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. License numbers are available upon request. LTCI Partners receives commissions from insurance carriers, which include compensation based on total quantity and quality of insurance coverage.

The long-term care insurance policy describes coverages under the policy, exclusions and limitations, what you must do to keep your policy in force, and what would cause your policy to be discontinued. Please contact your licensed agent for more information, costs, and complete details on coverage. Availability of policies, features, and benefits may vary by state.

Long-term care insurance is underwritten by the insurance company we help you select. The policy is subject to underwriting and a medical exam may be required to determine eligibility. Premiums are not guaranteed to remain unchanged and the company may increase premiums.