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Securian News- e Delivery & Updated Impairment Guide

Posted by LTCI Partners | Jun 30, 2020 1:44:01 PM


ePolicy Delivery now available for SecureCare

ePolicy Delivery now available for SecureCare (but not available for LTC replacements for SecureCare at this time). ePolicy Delivery provides a paperless delivery experience so clients can still get the coverage they need – even if agents can’t meet with them in-person.


Resources to help with the process:



How to write SecureCare remotely e-toolkit

New challenges call for new solutions. Check out our How to write SecureCare remotely e-toolkit to find the tools agents need when meeting clients face-to-face isn’t the best option. When digital is the answer, these are the resources agents need. Kit includes: updated pre-screen checklist and impairment guide, new consumer-facing “Why SecureCare?” brochure, and more. This is at the Lit Center and also here.



UPDATED – SecureCare impairment guide and NEW SecureCare pre-screen checklist

The SecureCare impairment guide was updated to include a build chart. We created a new SecureCare pre-screen checklist to help agents know what info to gather for a thorough pre-screen. These are both at the Lit Center.

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