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Jun 20, 2019 • LTCI Partners

SecureCare Multi-Pay coming to CT and ND

SecureCare multi-pay coming soon to Connecticut and North Dakota

On June 26, 2019, SecureCare Universal Life Insurance (SecureCare) multi-pay launches in Connecticut and North Dakota. Long-term care (LTC) needs may be unpredictable, but SecureCare is a product clients can count on for:

*  Cash indemnity LTC benefit

*  Reduced paid-up benefit1

*  Customizable coverage

*  Most robust international benefits in the industry2

*  Potential to deduct LTC premiums

SecureCare marketing materials will be available to order from our fulfillment center June 26. Don’t forget to check out our SecureCare product page for sales ideas and more!

Transition rules:

*  SecureCare Universal Life with multi-payment enhancements and long-term care replacements will be available June 26, 2019. To accommodate these changes, we now offer a new application.

*  We will continue accepting applications for the original product until July 26, 2019.

*  If a client has already submitted an application and started the underwriting process for the original product, but wants to switch to the new product, the new application is required. This must be sent to us, along with a cover letter explaining the desired change. Any completed underwriting requirements will be applied to the new application.

*  Policies that have already been issued, paid and in force are not currently eligible for an exchange to the new product, unless the policy is in its free-look period.

Written by LTCI Partners