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Oct 4, 2016 • LTCI Partners

Mutual of Omaha- Quick Access to the Producer Website


Mutual of Omaha
Helping you recruit, train and retain the best producers

Sales Professional Access: No Login Required

Want to reference product information without the hassle of logging in? Need to give agents a direct link to Sales Professional Access? Now you can. A new direct-access URL is ready for you to share with your agents and staff. provides quick access to basic product and underwriting information. If you see a small "lock" icon, that's a secure feature requiring a login.

Like things the way they are? allows you to access the website as you've been doing. Taking the extra step to log in gives you full access to all features, including personalized reports.
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LTCi Claims Process
New Tools Now Available

Help your agents understand how Mutual of Omaha's LTCi claims process works and what they can do to assist their clients. Check out the agent guide and training presentation on Sales Professional Access. You'll also find a policyholder guide for people initiating a claim and a point-of-sale brochure for prospective clients.

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LTC Awareness Month
Six Ways to Start the Conversation

November is LTC Awareness Month...the perfect time to talk with people about the need to plan for long-term care. If your agents aren't sure how to begin the conversation, here's a handy flyer that provides tips to help them get started.

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Written by LTCI Partners