Planning Tips and Carrier News for Advisors 

Securian-e-App update for SecureCare.

Thrivent-Response to Covid-19

NGL- Response to Covid-19

Transamerica- LTC Updates -March 2020

NGL-LTC Updates, March 2020

Mutual of Omaha- Policy Delivery Information

Nationwide CareMatters- Issue age Change

OneAmerica Contact Center and Underwriting Update

Mutual of Omaha- Important Underwriting and New Business Information

OneAmerica News- March 2020

Mutual of Omaha- Important Underwriting Update

OneAmerica-Changes to Annuity Care II

Mutual of Omaha Update

MoneyGuard Pricing Update

OneAmerica-Interest Rate Changes

OneAmerica- You're Invited!

OneAmerica News

John Hancock- In-Force Rate Action

Mutual of Omaha- New Applications Required

No Response from Clients? Try One of These Ideas

OneAmerica- Training Webinars!

Transamerica- Important Underwriting Update

Mutual of Omaha- Updates to Policy Dating

NY 187- Information from Lincoln and Nationwide

OneAmerica- Interest Rate Notice

OneAmerica- Prepare for What's Next

John Hancock Rate Increase News

Lincoln Announces MoneyGuard II in NY, Effective 1/12/20

NGL EssentialLTC- You're Invited

CareMatters II now available in Indiana and North Dakota

NGL Essential LTC 1035 Exchange Flyer and Executive Carve Out Flyer

Pacific Life Lowers Premiums on Premier Care LTC

NGL- Year End Bonus Plan

Mutual of Omaha News- 11/27/2019

Nationwide CareMatters in NY

OneAmerica- Care Solutions News

Securian- SecureCare Video

Transamerica Snapshot- Caring for Dementia

Securian- Video Resource Library

NGL-EssentialLTC, A New Way to Electronically Sign Applications

Nationwide CareMatters II now in NJ, SD & DC

John Hancock NewsLink 11/6/2019

Mutual of Omaha- Advantages of Traditional LTCI

OneAmerica Year-End Dates and Holiday Hours

EssentialLTC Product Updates

Securian- Long Term Care Awareness Month Marketing

OneAmerica Care Solutions News- 10/2019

NGL-Simplify your LTC Solutions

MoneyGuard III is Available in Delaware and DC

Securian- Online Scheduling Now Available

NGL- EssentialLTC Product Updates

Securian-Administrative Enhancements Coming 10/21

MoneyGuard II 2020 Coming to California

OneAmerica Annuity Rates Changing on 10/15

EssentialLTC Product Updates

Nationwide CareMatters II in AZ and CT

MoneyGuard II vs. MoneyGuard III

SecureCare New Save Age Rules

Securian-Financial Ratings

OneAmerica News- September 2019

Mutual of Omaha- Meet our Underwriter

Lincoln Moneyguard Transition Rules

NGL-The Secret about 10 year and Single Premium Payments

EssentialLTC Updated Product Guide

OneAmerica- Care Solutions Webinars

Nationwide News & Product Updates

Mutual of Omaha Update

EssentialLTC's Webinar Invitation

Lincoln MoneyGuard III

Securian Financial- No Receipts, Just Cash!

EssentialLTC E-APP Enhancements

John Hancock- The latest LTC News

Asset Care from OneAmerica- Additional States Announced

Important MoneyGuard II Sunset News and Dates

Mutual of Omaha News- August 2019

NGL- EssentialLTC Updates

OneAmerica- Care Solutions Webinars

Nationwide- Product Updates

Mutual of Omaha-Behind the Scenes with an Underwriter

OneAmerica News July 2019

EssentialLTC Summer Bonus Update

OneAmerica- Q&A from the July 19th call with Dennis Martin

Mutual of Omaha- Underwriting Update

OneAmerica Conference Call- 7/19/19

EsentialLTC Product Updates-July 2019

OneAmerica- Interest Rate Notice

NGL EssentialLTC- New prequalification tools

OneAmerica- Updated AssetCare has Launched!

Nationwide- Recovering Elimination Period Costs

OneAmerica is Extending the Deadline to Order Asset-Care Interviews

OneAmerica News- June 2019

MoneyGuard in NY- Additional Payment Options

Nationwide- CareMatters II Avoids Use it or Lose it.

TransCare III Important Updates

NGL- June Webinar- You're Invited!

SecureCare Multi-Pay coming to CT and ND

More Payment Options with CareMatters II

MoneyGuard II Enhanced Underwriting Program

Coming July 1: Updated Asset Care

EssentialLTC Summer Bonus Extended

OneAmerica Asset Care Product Training Webinar

OneAmerica- Updated AssetCare Coming in July

Mutual of Omaha- Updated Cost of Care Calculator

Mutual of Omaha- LTCI Underwriting

Nationwide- CareMatters Underwriting Webinar

Using HSA Dollars with SecureCare

NGL-EssentialLTC Summer Bonus Program

Nationwide- CareMatters 2

OneAmerica- Transition Rules for Asset Care

Mutual of Omaha- Cost of Care Tools

MoneyGuard- New Marketing Pieces

NGL- Product Updates- May 2019

OneAmerica- Updated Asset Care Coming in July

OneAmerica Care Solutions Webinars

Marketing Resources from OneAmerica

Securian- Financial Overview and Ratings

John Hancock Newslink

OneAmerica News-April 2019

Securian News- April 2019

Mutual of Omaha 2019 Tax Guide

Transcare III coming to Arizona in May

OneAmerica Good Friday Closure

Transamerica News- April 2019

New from Natiowide- Estimate LTC Costs

Mutual of Omaha's Underwriting Teleconference Schedule-2019

Register for our 4/10 webinar: This Week in LTC Product, featuring OneAmerica's Asset-Care

Mutual of Omaha News-April 2019

NGL- Understanding Underwriting and Field Underwriting

View our webinar replay: This Week in LTC Product, featuring Securian Financial Group’s SecureCare Plan

Register for our 4/3 webinar: This Week in LTC Product, featuring Securian Financial Group’s SecureCare Plan

View our Webinar Replay: How to compare traditional LTC Insurance with Linked Life/LTC plans

Securian News-March 2019

Register for our webinar: This Week in LTC Product, featuring Lincoln Financial Group’s MoneyGuard Plan

Sales Tip: 4 Questions That Sell Solutions

EssentialLTC Bonus Program

Genworth Suspends LTCI Sales Through the BGA Channel

NGL EssentialLTC Webinar, You're Invited

OneAmerica News-February 2019

MoneyGuard II Rate Refresh

Can Clients Deduct Hybrid Life/QLTC Insurance Premiums?

View our Webinar replay: The Use of Annuities in Long-Term Care Planning

2019 Tax Planning Guide from Nationwide

Improving Retirement Readiness- Plan Adviser 2/14/19

OneAmerica Sample Rates

Updated 2019 MoneyGuard Materials

Annuities in Long-Term Care Planning

EssentialLTC Product Updates- Hawaii 2/15/19

Transamerica- Telephone Interview Delays

Coming Soon-Lincoln MoneyGuard II (2019)

Genworth News-January 28, 2019

Tax Advantages of LTC Insurance Planning

OneAmerica News- January 2019

SecureCare Coming to Hawaii

Genworth News January 14, 2019

EssentialLTC Product Updates

Genworth News- January 7, 2019

2019 Tax Treatment of LTC Insurance

NGL Webinar- LTCI Sales Psychology

EssentialLTC Product Updates

OneAmerica Product Changes Effective Jan.1, 2019

View our Webinar Replay: The five big trends in long-term care planning coming in 2019 (and beyond)

Lincoln 2018 Year End Dates and Guidelines

Build your LTCI Knowledge with OneAmerica

Genworth News-December 10, 2018

The five big trends in long-term care planning coming in 2019 (and beyond)

A Short Slide Show on the Reasons for Carrier Rate Increases, Check it out-

Genworth News-December 3, 2018

Transamerica- TransQuote Illustration System to Expire on 12/13/2018

NGL News- LTCI Funding for the Worksite Webinar

Genworth News- November 27, 2018

NGL News- Spread LTC Awareness

Securian-Long-Term Awareness Month!

Tax Advantages of LTCI- Webinar

Mutual of Omaha Software Update- No Rate Changes

This Month in Long-Term Care Planning Webinar

Nationwide CareMatters Quick Quote

Securian- Smart Planning for Future Care

Mutual of Omaha- Having the Conversation

John Hancock LTC Update

Transamerica Software News

Genworth News, October 29, 2018

NGL- 2018 LTCI Tax Summary

OneAmerica News, October 2018

View our Webinar Replay-Gearing-up for LTC Awareness Month

Securian Has a Marketing Plan Just in Time for Long-Term Care Awareness Month

Boost Sales with Behavioral Economics

Mutual of Omaha's Updated Underwriting Guide

Sign up for our Webinar: Gearing-up for LTC Awareness Month

Transamerica Software Update

LTC Awareness is Just Around the Corner

NGL EssentialLTC Product Updates

Lincoln's Updated MoneyGuard II Statement

Genworth News, Including Cost of Care 2018

NGL-Worksite LTCI Webinar

OneAmerica Interest Change News

NGL Webinar Invitation

Mutual of Omaha Underwriting Update

OneAmerica News, September 2018

Mutual of Omaha's Cost of Care Calculator

EssentialLTC Product Updates

Mutual of Omaha-Discover Your Opportunity

Webinar Replay: The Psychology Behind Linked-Benefits Sales

EssentialLTC Webinar

Essential LTC Product Updates

Genworth News Bulletin 8/27/18

EssentialLTC Industry News

John Hancock Rate Action Updates

Webinar Replay: LTC Insurance on a Budget

Register for our August 16th Webinar: LTC Insurance on a Budget

Genworth News, August 6th, 2018

OneAmerica News July 2018

Advisors Guide to Hybrid Life/Long-Term Care Solutions

Register for our webinar, Linked-Benefits vs. Traditional LTC Underwriting: Is there a difference?

NGL EssentialLTC E-App

New Application Process with MoneyGuard II

OneAmerica News, June 2018

Join today's CLTC Webinar: Addressing Consumer Biases in LTC Planning

Faster Application Process Coming From Lincoln MoneyGuard

Webinar Replay-The Truth About LTC Rate Increases

Genworth News June 18, 2018

Securian News June 2018

SecureCare is Now Available in Florida

Register for our webinar: The Truth About LTC Rate Increases

Genworth In-Force Rate Increase: South Dakota

OneAmerica Annuity Care Campaign

Securian- Caregiving Can be a Part-Time Job

EssentialLTC Product Updates May 2018

Genworth News, May 21, 2018

OneAmerica News, May 2018

Webinar Replay-Selling Linked-Benefits LTC Insurance: What Advisors Need to Know

Genworth Suspending LTCI in Montana

Transamerica Rates Updated in ND, SD and MT

Securian Flex Pay is Here!

OneAmerica News, April 2018

Mutual of Omaha New Business Enhancement

Genworth Suspending Sales in Montana

Securian to Add Flex Pay Options May 8th

Private Webcast Replay-Conference Recap | ILTCI 2018: what advisors need to know…

Mutual of Omaha Underwriting Updates

This Month in Long-Term Care Planning private webcast - April 19th 2018

OneAmerica Training Webinars

Genworth News Bulletin 4/9/2018

Reminder-Genworth Suspending LTCI Sales in FL

OneAmerica's Leaders' Conference

Essential LTC Sales Training Webinar

Mutual of Omaha In-Force Rate Increase News

Want to Know More About Securian?

OneAmerica- LifePlans Closed this Weekend

Join our March 15th Private Webcast: This Month In Long Term Care Planning

OneAmerica Care Solutions News

Genworth to Suspend LTCI Sales in FL

John Hancock Update

OneAmerica- Care Solutions Webinars- Register

Nationwide Webinar Discussing Informal Care. 2/22/18

Genworth- Strong 4th Quarter 2017 Results

Mutual of Omaha-February News

Lincoln-Addressing the Elephant in the Room

OneAmerica Simplifying New Business Submission on Feb. 12th.

OneAmerica Update- January 2018

Mutual of Omaha's A+ Rating affirmed by Best

Transamerica Rate Revision in New Jersey

NGL adds New Jersey Partnership Policy

OneAmerica- Protect Your Retirement Income Campaign

LifeSecure Closed 1/15/18

Transamerica-2018 Connecticut Partnership "Before You Buy" Publication Required

Transamerica Discontinues Support of Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10

Lightning fast quotes make it quick to share a hybrid option...

MoneyGuard Pre-Qualification Tools

Mutual of Omaha Webinar- The Drive to 2018

OneAmerica's Upcoming Webinars

EssentialLTC Webinar

Nationwide LTCI Teleconference 12/6

OneAmerica November Update

Securian to Discontinue Paper Compensation Statements

Genworth Producer Documents Will be Online Only

Happy Thanksgiving from Genworth

Securian provides 5 ways to pay for care

Nationwide- How to Have the LTC Planning Talk

OneAmerica Product Changes in MA and NM

November Update from Securian

Nationwide CareMatters Launches in CA

MoneyGuard II Changes in HI and CA 11/17

Transamerica Suspending LTCI Sales in MA

Nationwide CareMatters coming to CA in October!

New Tools from Lincoln to Help Prequalify and Prepare Clients

Transamerica Updated Rates in NY- Effective 9/15/17

NGL EssentialLTC Industry News

Lincoln Financial Cost of Care Map

New Underwriting Guidelines from Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha Underwriting Changes

Lincoln Flexible Payment Options Playbook

Nationwide Quick Quote Tool

OneAmerica Interest Rates Decreasing 7/15/2017

Lincoln- Educating Female Clients about LTC Risks

OneAmerica June Update- Enhanced Rate Calculator

Genworth Rate Increase Information for AZ

OneAmerica's Women and LTC Campaign Resources

Genworth's Immediate Need Annuity

Transamerica New Transcare III rates coming July 3rd.

OneAmerica's Women and LTC Campaign

LifeSecure Discontinues New Case Setups for Current Product

OneAmerica May Newsletter- More Options in AZ

Nationwide CareMatters Video

Mutual of Omaha Webinar 5/24/2017

MoneyGuard Now with a Pay to 65 Option

Mutual of Omaha's e-Application

OneAmerica News- April 2017

Genworth to Suspend Individual LTCI sales in HI on 4/24.

Nationwide CareMatters Prospect Guide

OneAmerica Training Opportunities

New Affinity Discount from Genworth

OneAmerica Strategic Changes

Lincoln Moneyguard Changes

OneAmerica News- Plus a New Quick Calculator

Genworth Idaho AARP Rate Increase News

Mutual of Omaha Underwriting Webinar 2/22/17

Genworth News 1/30/2017

Nationwide January Update

OneAmerica News- Updated Underwriting Guide Included

Mutual of Omaha- Consumer Study

Connecticut Partnership 2017 Minimum Benefits

Genworth News 12/5/2016

Mutual of Omaha Updated Underwriting Guide 12/7/16

CareMatters- Cash Indemnity from Nationwide

Upcoming OneAmerica Webinars

Mutual of Omaha remains committed  to the Long Term Care Insurance Market

Mutual of Omaha LTC Awareness

Moneyguard NY Rates Changing on 11/7/16

Genworth News for November 7, 2016

Lincoln introduces LTC Planning Website

TransCare II Updates for FL and DC

LTC Awareness Month- Mutual of Omaha

LifeSecure Suspending Individual Sales 11/1/16

Mutual of Omaha- Quick Access to the Producer Website

Nationwide CareMatters- See How it Works.

Mutual of Omaha's Marketing Idea 9/16

OneAmerica- Using Qualified Money for LTC

NGL EssentialLTC adding 9 more states on August 29th

Genworth Claims Webinar 8/16

OneAmerica July Update

LifeSecure Update

Essential LTC is HERE!

LifeSecure Names New CEO

Transamerica Changes in California

LifeSecure's Underwriting Delays

OneAmerica News June 2016

LifeSecure Updated Software

OneAmerica- Claims Concierage

MetLife Rate Increase News

Genworth Will Launch ElementSM aNew Long Term Care Insurance Solution

Genworth In-Force Rate Action: New ConsumerWebsite to Help You & Your Clients

Mutual of Omaha In-Force Rate Increase News

MetLife Rate Increase Update

Asset Care Rates Increasing July 1

New LTC Website from Lincoln

OneAmerica Newsletter May 2016

Transamerica News 5/17/16

Mutual of Omaha May 25th

Mutual of Omaha Marketing Concept

MetLife LTC Rate Action News

MutualCare California Update

OneAmerica News April 2016

Genworth News April 25

OneAmerica announces Claims Concierge

Genworth Rate Increase News

Mutual of Omaha Rate Increase-Multiple States

LifeSecure April Webinars

Transamerica-Transcare II rate changes 4/12/16

Genworth News April 4, 2016

Mutual of Omaha Update

Mutual of Omaha News

Genworth Underwriting Enhancements

Mutual of Omaha LTC June Rate Adjustments

Genworth California Partnership LTC In-Force Rate Action

Mutual of Omaha LTC California Update

LifeSecure Sales Tips: 3 Questions About Multi-Life LTCi

Selling the Story

Genworth's PC Flex 3 Product to Launch in NY

OneAmerica Care Solutions Virtual University

Mutual of Omaha California LTC News

Genworth News Bulletin - February 29, 2016

Protect Their Retirement Flyer

LTCI Tax Advantages

What Keeps Your Clients up at Night?

Indexed Annuity Webinar and Sales Ideas

Genworth California Partnership Rate Action Webinar Replay

Genworth to Direct its Focus on Long-Term Care Insurance

Are you up to Date?

OneAmerica Annuity Care II Launched in MA, NH, PA and VT

MetLife In-Force Rate Action

Thank you From Mutual of Omaha

Genworth Expanding Potential LTC Insurability With Some New Underwriting Updates

Mutual of Omaha Underwriting Guide Update

It's Hard to Sell Without a Story

Genworth California Partnership In-Force Rate Action

Helping a Client Pay for LTCI Premiums Using an HSA

TransCare III now Available in Hawaii

Inflation buy-up Option LTC Sales Idea

New Partnership Minimums for New York

Choosing an Effective Date for a LTC Policy

Cost of Care Map Tool

MetLife Retail News, December 18, 2015

LTC: 'Tis the Season

Mutual of Omaha Upcoming Rate Adjustments

Genworth California In-Force Rate Action Webinar Replay

Why Earlier is Better for Long-Term Care Insurance

Updates to Annuity Care II from OneAmerica

Shareable Long-Term Care Infographics

Long-Term Care Consumer Insights

Genworth End of Year Dates

In-Force Genworth LTC Rate Action for CA, NC and UT

LTCI Unwrapped

Genworth Flex 3 Enhanced Coming to 8 Additional States

Busting LTCI Myths

Consumer Insights on Long-Term Care Quiz

Capture Missed Multi-Life Opportunities

LTC Awareness Month Tools from Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha Rate Adjustment on Some LTC Blocks

Clients Think Long-Term Care Events Happen to Other People

Six Ways to Start the LTC Conversation

LifeSecure LTC Awareness Month Resources

LTC Awareness Month and News for Connecticut Flex 3

LTC Awareness Month Conversation Starters

MetLife LTC Insurance Pricing Update

Transamerica's Tailored Benefit Increase Option

OneAmerica LTC Awareness Month Materials

Transamerica Hawaii Announcement

Mutual of Omaha Rate Adjustment in Kentucky

Genworth PC Flex 3 Enhanced Coming to 8 More States

Genworth News Bulletin, October 19, 2015

Transamerica LTC News, October 15, 2015

Mutual of Omaha Express, Launch in Montana

OneAmerica News, October 14, 2015

Genworth News Bulletin, AZ In-Force Rate Action

Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Findings

Genworth News Bulletin, October 3, 2015

Transamerica LTC News, October 1, 2015

Mutual of Omaha Express, September 30, 2015

What's Your Client's Needs?

MetLife Retail News, September 25, 2015

Genworth - The All New LTC Source

Mutual of Omaha Express, September 23, 2015

Genworth News Bulletin

Mutual of Omaha LTC Update

Transamerica LTC News

Mutual of Omaha Express

New Genworth site - The LTC Source

Genworth News Bulletin

Mutual of Omaha Express