Planning Tips and Carrier News for Advisors 

NGL- EssentialLTC Videos

Brighthouse- Claim your E-Book on HealthCare and Financial Planning

Genworth News- 11/29/21

NGL- Washington Commissions Update

Brighthouse- LTC Awareness Month

Genworth News 11/16/2021

Securian- A Minimum Funding Approach

Mutual of Omaha- New Business in Washington State Starting 12/1

NGL- Washington Update

Thrivent- Accepting WA State Applications Starting 11/20.

Securian- SecureCare Product Training

OneAmerica- Client Approved Lifetime Benefits Video

OneAmerica- Washington Update

Nationwide- Long Term Care Storytellers

Genworth News- 11/2/21

NGL- WA State Backdating Clarification

Mutual of Omaha- LTCI Awareness Month

Join NAIFA for LTC Planning Week - starting today!

NGL to Accept New WA State Applications 11/1/21

Lincoln- Long Term Care Awareness Month

Securian- Join our Webinar!

Mutual of Omaha- Rate Increases on Pre-2013 Business

Nationwide- WA Cares Update

NGL- Claims Flyer is Here

NGL- Underwriting Resources

Securian- Life Lines 10/21

John Hancock News- 10/19/2021

Brighthouse- Short Video of the Application Process

Mutual of Omaha- Rate and Benefit Changes in NY and MT

OneAmerica- WA State Underwriting Update

NGL- Washington Underwriting Update

Genworth News- 10/11/21

Lincoln-MoneyGuard Market Advantage Enhanced Underwriting

NGL- Upcoming Underwriting Webinar

Mutual of Omaha- Commitment to LTCI Market

Securian- 7702 Changes for SecureCare

Genworth News- 10/4/21

Brighthouse- Clients Save Time, Not Receipts

NGL- New E-APP Unlock Feature

Genworth News-9/29/21

Brighthouse-SmartCare Updates

NGL- Revised Premium Paying Forms

Brighthouse SmartCare Updates

Nationwide- New Business Update

Genworth News- 9/20/21

NGL- Washington State Underwriting Update

New MoneyGuard Resource Page

NGL- Underwriting Webinar

Genworth News- 9/13/21

Lincoln MoneyGuard Closing Sales in Washington

NGL-Massachusetts Forms Update

NGL- Underwriting Update

OneAmerica- Pricing Changes to Single Premium Asset Care Products

John Hancock News

NGL- Stopping All EssentialLTC Sales in Washington

Genworth News-8/23/2021

NGL- EssentialLTC Underwriting Presentation

Lincoln MoneyGuard Washington Update

LifeSecure- Washington Update

OneAmerica- Suspending Asset Care Sales in WA.

Nationwide- Individual Life Sales Suspended in WA

NGL WA Update- Suspending Sales of Lifetime Premium

NGL- Washington Update

Securian- Suspending Sales in Washington State

Nationwide- Updated Guidelines for WA State.

Genworth News- 7/26/2021

OneAmerica- Easing Covid Restrictions

NGL- EssentialLTC News

Nationwide CM-II Washington Update

Genworth News- 7/19/2021

Mutual of Omaha- Rate Refresh for Additional States.

Lincoln MoneyGuard- Pricing Improvements

NGL-New Minimum Premium for WA State

Securian- WA Cares Fund Update

NGL News- EssentialLTC Videos

John Hancock- Immediate Changes for Life with LTC Riders in WA

NGL- Washington State Reminder

Mutual of Omaha- Case Processing Delays

LifeSecure- Rate Increase in FL

NGL -EssentialLTC Weekly Update

Thrivent Suspends Sales in WA Immediately

Mutual of Omaha- Suspending Sales in WA State

Lincoln- MoneyGuard Changes in Washington State

Mutual of Omaha- Customer Access Available for LTC Policyholders

NGL- EssentialLTC for Employers

Mutual of Omaha- WA State Product Updates

LTC Insurance Rate Increases- S&P Market Intelligence

NGL-EssentialLTC Updates

Lincoln MoneyGuard III News

Securian-Text Message Notifications for Tele-Interview

Genworth News- 6/1/2021

NGL: New and Updated Consumer Materials

The 2021 LTC Cost-of-Care Study (Mutual of Omaha)

PacificLife PremierCare Product Announcement

NGL - WA State Cares Fund Update

Mutual of Omaha: Washington State Underwriting and Compensation Updates

Mutual of Omaha- Additional States Added to the Rate Refresh

NGL- Solidifies Commitment to the LTC Market

Lincoln Moneyguard- Important Product and Underwriting News

NGL-EssentialLTC Update

Lincoln Moneyguard Solutions

OneAmerica- Upcoming Webinars

NGL- WA State Long Term Care Trust Act

NGL-Updated EssentialLTC Materials

NGL- Updated Underwriting Guide

Genworth Terminates Merger Agreement

OneAmerica Care Solutions University

NGL-Upgraded to "A" by AM Best

Transamerica-Say Goodbye to Transamerica Individual LTC

NGL-Enhanced EssentialLTC

Lincoln's New Product, MoneyGuard Market Advantage VUL

Nationwide- Applying 7702 & 7702A rates to CareMatters

OneAmerica- How About a University with NO TUITION?

Genworth- Rate Increase News

Securian- Upcoming Webinar

Mutual of Omaha- Underwriting Update

OneAmerica- Qualified Funding Video

OneAmerica- Expedited Underwriting News

Mutual of Omaha- Electronic Commission Payments!

Mutual of Omaha- Premium and Benefit Changes in 4 Additional States

Genworth-What's this Class Action Lawsuit all About?

Securian- Our #1 Tip to Close More LTCI Sales

MoneyGuard on a VUL Chassis

Mutual of Omaha- LTC Virtual Assessments

Transamerica Exiting the Standalone LTC Market

OneAmerica Resources: Starting the Long-Term Care Conversation

OneAmerica Webinar Replays

Genworth News, 1/4/2021

NGL-EssentialLTC Updates

Securian- Lifelines, December 2020

Mutual of Omaha- We Believe in LTC!

Nationwide CareMatters II- Product Update

Transamerica- Exit of LTC Insurance- Q1-2021

Thrivent- COVID-19 Underwriting Update

Nationwide- CareMatters II Re-Price

NGL- EssentialLTC News

Where Do LTC Premium Dollars Go?

Securian- RSVP to Become a SecureCare Expert

NGL- EssentialLTC Update

Earn your CLTC Designation at a discounted price if you sign up this November

Lincoln-New Online Interview Process for MoneyGuard III

Mutual of Omaha- Everyone Loves a Good Story

LTC Planning - Myths versus Reality

Mutual of Omaha- Recipes for Success

NAIFA- Impact Week 2020

Securian- Clients Want Hassle-Free LTCI

Mutual of Omaha- LTC Awareness Month is Here!

NGL- How Does EssentialLTC Compare?

Securian- Tax-Advantaged Dollars for LTCI

Mutual of Omaha- Additional States Added to the Rate Refresh

OneAmerica- Webinar on Qualified Funding Options

Industry Survey on Long Term Care Now Underway

Securian- Pricing Changes Coming to IN, HI and NJ

Mutual of Omaha Webinar- Back to the Basics of LTCI

Securian-Max Issue Age to Increase to 75 on 9/16

Mutual of Omaha- Rate & Benefit Change Reminder

Genworth and China Oceanwide Transaction Update

Mutual of Omaha Website Outage this Weekend

NGL News- Rate Comparison and Updates in DC

Mutual of Omaha- Age Restrictions Lifted for all 50 States

John Hancock Rate Increase Update

Mutual of Omaha- New Business Rate Increase & Benefit Changes Coming September 1.

Securian- SecureCare Product Updates for AZ, CT, DE and ND

MoneyGuard Issue Age Change- Effective Today!

Nationwide- CareMatters II Electronic Submission

Transamerica- Premium No Longer Required for Application Submission

NGL News, E-App Available in CA!

OneAmerica- Product Training Webinar

Thrivent- July Updates

Genworth to Distribute Newsletter to LTC Policyholders in July. A copy is included here-

Mutual of Omaha- Age Restriction lifted for Additional States

Transamerica- Updated Underwriting Guide

OneAmerica- AssetCare Changes Coming to California

Securian News- e Delivery & Updated Impairment Guide

PacLife PremierCare Choice- Rate Change

NGL-Summer Production Contest!

NGL- EssentialLTC Coming to California!

NGL EssentialLTC Updates

MoneyGuard Pricing Changes

Securian-Pricing Update to SecureCare

Mutual of Omaha- Age Restriction Lifted in Select States

OneAmerica-Virtual Care Solutions University

Transamerica- 3% Inflation for CT Partnership

OneAmerica- Do Your Clients Have a Gap?

Securian- ePolicy Delivery is now available.

NGL-Updated Marketing Materials

This Month in LTC Planning - May 2020

Securian- ePolicy Delivery Coming Soon for SecureCare

Mutual of Omaha- Compensation Timing Update

Securian- Why Cash Indemnity?

Transamerica Covid-19 Underwriting Rules

OneAmerica Webinar- Friday, May 15th

OneAmerica to Auto-Order LTCG Interviews

Mutual of Omaha- Policy Delivery Brainshark

OneAmerica- Care Solution News April 2020

John Hancock NewsLink-Rate Increase Information

Securian- iPipeline eApp Update for SecureCare

NGL-Submit your LTCI Applications Electronically

LTC Grace and Lapse Period Changes

OneAmerica-Temporary Changes to Business Limits for Ages 70 and Above