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November is Long Term Care Insurance Awareness Month, the campaign aimed at educating Americans about the importance

of owning Long-Term Care Insurance. This is an excellent opportunity for you to reach out to your clients and prospects

about LTCI and expand your LTCI practice. Here are some great resources to get the conversation started.


LTC 2.0 - The New Era of Planning eBook

What's inside?

  • Overview of Traditional and Linked LTC Plans
  • Why Planning is more important than ever
  • Tax Advantages
  • Side by Side planning options
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New Life Happens Video

Life Happens has a new LTC Insurance 101 video about LTC Insurance - check it out!

View all the LTC Resources at www.lifehappenspro.org 



Limited & Extended Care Planning Center

With November being Long Term Care Awareness Month, NAIFA is on a missing to increase awareness for how we can better serve main street American families & Businesses. Join them November 1-5, 2021 for a special virtual event with renowned leaders in the long term care sector of the financial services industry.





LECP impact week

Customizable Consumer PowerPoint

Want to provide some basic consumer education about LTC Planning and LTC Insurance?  We've developed a consumer PowerPoint that can be customized with advisor information.  Download it here!


How to protect your LTC Plan from future inflation

Inflation is here and it's not going anywhere soon.  Does your clients long-term care plan have adequate inflation protection?  Read this article in our blog, The Advisor's View of Long-Term Care Planning


LTCI Partners On-Demand Webinar Library

Between Netflix, Amazon Prime, and thousands of podcasts there are a lot of ways you can burn hours!  Every once in a while take a break from entertainment and dip into our library of webinars - including our "This Month in LTC Planning" webinars and product training podcasts.  They stream great on a mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Check it out!

This week in product

Brighthouse SmartCare 

Brighthouse SmartCare is a Indexed Universal Life LTC plan with fast underwriting and great benefits.  For more information check out this page.



Mutual of Omaha

Check out Mutual of Omaha’s Marketing Solutions Center for LTC Awareness Month.  They feature promotional copy, banner ads, and flyers specific to Awareness Month. All material will be available now through the end of November.

Here's a kickoff flyer explaining everything!  

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National Guardian Life

Interested in presenting information about National Guardian Life's traditional LTC Insurance plan?  NGL has a presentation approved for consumer use in several states.  Download a copy here!

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Nationwide has a special landing page called "Unscripted - Real People sharing their stories".  The page features video stories that can be shared with clients along with supporting material.  Check it out here!





Use Securian's e-toolkit to help educate and engage prospects. Help prospects get the facts about long-term care and motivate them to start making a plan of their own.

Long-term Care (LTC) consumer social media e-toolkit

LTC Awareness Month marketing plan

SecureCare video resource library

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Use OneAmerica's social media campaign to educate your client's with facts and stories on Long-term care insurance and Alzheimer's Disease.

LTC Awareness Social Media Campaign



Please Note: we’ve listed all carrier partners of LTCI Partners because we value their content. However, some products may not be available to all advisors/broker-dealers and some products may be supported directly by carriers.