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This November marks the 15th anniversary of Long Term Care Awareness Month, the campaign aimed at

educating Americans about the importance of owning Long-Term Care Insurance. 

This is an excellent opportunity for you to reach out to your clients and prospects about LTCI and expand your LTCI practice. 

Here are some great resources to get the conversation started.


How to have a meaningful LTC Conversation with Clients

Joy Loverde is the Author of "Who will take of me when I'm Old?" and the best seller "The Complete Eldercare Planner".  In this 10-minute discussion with Steve Cain of LTCI Partners, Joy talks about what to say and what to avoid when broaching the topic of planning.


LifeHappens - The leading Insurance awareness non-profit with compliance friendly material for LTC Insurance Awareness Month.


Life + Long-Term Care Insurance

Life and Long-Term Care Insurance work great together!  
We've compiled eight creative sales ideas - Download them here.




Customizable Consumer PowerPoint

Want to provide some basic consumer education about LTC Planning and LTC Insurance?  We've developed a consumer PowerPoint that can be customized with advisor information.  Download it here!


The LTC Planning Napkin

Sometimes simpler is better!  Check out how to plan for LTC - on the back of a napkin.  A creative way to encourage planning.  Cut 'n Paste for creative use in email or social media marketing.


The Asset Identification Form

What if a client is offered long-term care insurance and decides to "self-insure" instead of buying coverage?  It's important to document that decision and identify which assets will be used to pay for care.  We've developed a fillable PDF Asset Identification Form that can be helpful in those situations.  And - it may cause someone to take a second look at LTC Insurance.


Mutual of Omaha

Check out Mutual of Omaha’s Marketing Solutions Center for LTC Awareness Month.  They feature promotional copy, banner ads, and flyers specific to Awareness Month. All material will be available now through the end of November.  Here's a document explaining everything!


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LTCI Partners On-Demand Webinar Library

Between Netflix, Amazon Prime, and thousands of podcasts there are a lot of ways you can burn hours!  Every once in a while take a break from entertainment and dip into our library of webinars - including our "This Month in LTC Planning" webinars and product training podcasts.  They stream great on a mobile phone, laptop or tablet.  Check it out!



Download the LTC Awareness Fact of the Day series of infographics from National Guardian Life.  


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Have you checked out Nationwide CareMatters II, a new Life/LTC plan with guaranteed pay periods to age 100, a cash benefit and unique inflation options?  You need to, and this PowerPoint gives an overview of the product.




Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln has just introduced their latest flagship Hybrid product, MoneyGuard III.  Consumers can visit their long-term care planning page for great educational material!


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Please Note: we’ve listed all carriers partners of LTCI Partners because we value their content. However, some products may not be available to all advisors/broker-dealers and some products may be supported directly by carriers.